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  • I want to make a complaint against the employee who collects trash on Cannon Road on Mondays. They park the truck directly in front of my house at 35025 Cannon Road in Solon at between 6:30 and 6:45 every Monday GG or up to half an hour, making it extremely difficult for people to get in and out of our driveway safely. My nephew was almost hit by another car trying to pull in with his wife and two little kids. Please tell them to stop parking in front of our home in Son.

  • Nothing has been done about the garbage truck driver who keeps parking his truck in solon across the street from our driveway every single Monday. If he insusts on doing this ten why doesn’t he park in bentleyville and not solon? This is a huge safety issue for cars trying to get past him since it is a very busy time forbteafguc on Cannon road. I havemany pictures of the truck showing he is illegally idling his truck in solin while not collecting garbage and with school now in session it is going to get worse for traffic. I can’t understand why Bentleyville refuses to do anything about this.problem.

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