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Utilities Meeting Minutes

August 11th, 2009

The meeting was called to order at 7:06 P.M.

Present: John Bouriseau, George Skipper

Agenda: 1. Review of the Village Hall telephone system.

Chief Pitts, John Bourisseau, and George Skipper met with Richard Yarnell (Raytec Systems), at Village Hall, on July 24th, 2009 to discuss modifications to the telephone system.

Village Hall currently has six incoming phone lines. They are:
247.0155 (Police Dep’t. number)
247.2331 ( Police Dep’t. dedicated fax number)
247.5012 (Chief’s private fax number)
247.5055 (general Administration number)
247.3755 (Administration dedicated fax number)

The Committee’s recommendations are as follows:

• Install “fax switches” on both 247.2331 and 247.3755, to free up those lines for incoming non-fax, as well as fax calls.

• Publish (in the Village Newsletter and on the website) 247.0155 as the non-emergency contact number for the police department. 247.2331 would become the rollover number for the incoming calls. The Chief wants the ability to “Call Forward”, to the Duty phone, unanswered incoming calls to those numbers. According to information provided by Jackie Papa, there would be no additional charge for that capability.

• Publish (again, in the Village Newsletter and on the website) 247.5055 as the Administration/Building Dep’t contact number. 247.3755 and 247.5265 would be the rollover numbers for those incoming calls.

• Purchase an 18 button Display (Caller I.D.) phone (either refurbished or new) for the Chief’s office, to replace his non-display unit. We currently have three “Display” phones. They are in the Fiscal Manager office, the Administrative Assistant office, and the Police Secretary office. They display “Caller Number” only, at a $3.25/line/month charge.

The cost for the hardware/software changes (please see attached Raytec Proposal) would be $1015.00, plus an additional $150.00 for the second fax switch (not included in the Proposal). Exchanging the Chief’s non-display phone would be an additional $119-$214, depending on which phone is purchased. Total cost then would be $1284-$1379.

Cordless phones, if desired by administration or the police department, could be purchased at any retail outlet and connected to the auxiliary jack on the existing phones.

The basis for the proposed changes is an attempt to reduce unnecessary incoming call transfers. Cross-coverage for answering incoming calls between the Administration and Police Departments should continue. With the thought that the mayor and village hall staff can best decide scheduling needs, the Utilities committee made no attempt to review/suggest staffing schedules.

2. The minutes of the July 14th, 2009 meeting were approved.

The meeting adjourned at 7:46 P.M.

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