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Utility Minutes
Wednesday September 26, 2012

Call to order 6:30pm
Wendy Gillund, Kathleen Hale, George Skipper

New Business:

Utilities committee recommends the ordinance to adopt the solid waste management plan for the Cuyahoga County solid waste management district.

Bernice investigated alternative phone contracts for the Village.  She concluded that our current contract is the better choice.  We thank Bernice for her efforts.


Kathleen will investigate the contract for the trails with Chagrin’s water.

The committee will suggest to Finance to create a waterline repair/replacement fund.  By creating a savings now, we will be prepared in the future when our waterlines need repair or replacement.  Jeff Filarski may be able to assist in estimating future cost.

George calculated the energy savings for four months, May – August.  He compared 2011 with 2012.  Our cost and consumption were down 30% giving us a savings of $982.65.  We thank George for his efforts.

Adjourn at 6:55pm

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