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7:00 PM, JUNE 4, 2014


Meeting called to order: 7:00

Present: Kathleen Hale and Kathleen Esposito, Committee Members; Jeff Filarski, Village Engineer; Ann Oakar, Law Director. Also in attendance were residents Bonnie Borman Goldston, Jim Stroh, Charles Brez and Doug Miller, and Council Member Ken Kvacek.

Old Business:

 Jeff Filarski reported on the inspection and repair of the fire hydrants within Chagrin Valley Trails, undertaken after a number of hydrants were found to be frozen and unusable in December 2013.  Council voted at its last meeting to pay to the Village Chagrin Falls the agreed upon amount for the repair of the hydrants found to be vulnerable to freezing due to inadequate drainage.  No hydrants appear at this time to be otherwise faulty, or to require replacement.  All hydrants within Chagrin Valley Trails, and others elsewhere in the Village which were installed under similar circumstances, have been inspected, and the Village has reason to anticipate that the issue will be resolved by this winter. Ann Oakar confirmed that the Village of Bentleyville is contractually responsible for the cost of repairs.


New Business:

Water Access for community gardens. Kathleen Hale raised a question asked by resident Nancy Callahan, of Quail Ridge, whether hydrants might be used to provide water to support a community garden, planted and maintained by residents.  Both Jeff Filarski and Ann Oakar explained that the Village of Chagrin Falls, which maintains the hydrants, sometimes allows residents access to water provided by the hydrants for one time needs (as in filling a swimming pool) for a fee.  However, where there would be anticipated access to hydrant water for repeated use, the Village would probably require installation of a separate permanent meter to monitor the water use, and would bill the individual(s) or group using the water accordingly. Residents should discuss the possibility with the Village of Chagrin Falls before undertaking any such project.


Review and summary of the agreements controlling the water rates charged by the Village of Chagrin Falls to customers in Chagrin Valley Trails. Two Agreements set up the arrangement under which some residents of Bentleyville are provided with water through Chagrin Falls.


Under the first Agreement, dated November 24, 1980, between the Village of Bentleyville and the Village of Chagrin Falls, Bentleyville residents using Chagrin Water were to be charged at a rate “twenty-five percent (25%) in excess of the rate charged within the corporation limits of Chagrin Falls for residential users.” There is no time limit to the imposition of this surcharge, and the terms are the same applied to other water users outside the Village of Chagrin Falls.


Under the second Agreement, dated July 24, 1986, between the Village of Chagrin Falls and Peter H. Weimer, Chagrin Falls agreed to provide water and sewer services to what would become Chagrin Valley Trails, in exchange for an easement to maintain the Franklin Street well fields and the payment of $50,000, to pay for the infrastructure required to connect Chagrin Valley Trails to the water system.Once connected, the residents of Chagrin Valley Trails were to be bound by the Agreement of 1980, which was then in effect, or any later agreement or amendment between the Village of Chagrin Falls and the Village of Bentleyville concerning the water connections.


In summary, the residents of Chagrin Valley Trails pay the same surcharge for use of Chagrin Falls water as residents of other communities outside the Village of Chagrin Falls.There is no time limit concerning the imposition of that surcharge.Rates for Chagrin Valley Trails water customers will rise or fall proportionately to the rate charged to residents of the Village of Chagrin Falls.


After further public discussion, Kathleen Hale agreed to provide a copy of these minutes to the Chagrin Valley Trails Homeowners Association Board of Trustees, and these minutes will be available digitally, as usual, on the Village of Bentleyville website. Agreements which were reviewed at this meeting are available for viewing at the Bentleyville Village Hall.Copies may be requested by contacting Molly at 440/247-5055.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:00.


Minutes submitted by Kathleen Hale







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