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June 27, 2012
7 p.m.

Call to order 7:20pm
Present: Wendy Gillund and Kathleen Hale

Approved April minutes

Old Business:

Review NOPEC Grant – Report was written and approved.  The report will be submitted with copies of the receipts to NOPEC.

New Business:

Generators – The Village generator was checked and inspected last year.  There is a portable generator for the garage which has also been used as an emergency unit.  Kathleen brought to our attention the proposal of the stop light hooked up to the generator which was mentioned in the streets and safety meeting.  Since the generator is a utility Kathleen will investigate.
Cuyahoga Grant – The Mayor provided a letter from the County offering a grant for any items left from our energy audit.  In review of the audit the three items that remain do not meet the criteria.  Wendy Called Jeff Filarski for his opinion and he stated that there were three items remaining and that they do not meet the 5 year simple payback criteria.  We will send a follow-up letter to the County, thanking them for the opportunity.
Garbage pick-up day changed – Per Waste Management they requested our pick-up day change to Mondays beginning July 16th.  This date was determined by them and Chief Pitts.  Both Kathleen and I were comfortable with the change and felt that Monday would actually be a better day.


We received the credit, in the amount of $1,411.40, for the returned propane when the tank was removed from the garage.

Per Jeff Filarski we received the rebate from First Energy, in the amount of $584.00.

Adjourn at 7:50pm


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