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October 22, 2014

Bentleyville Village Hall


Meeting came to order at 7:30 PM. Present were:

Kathleen Hale and Kathleen Esposito, Bentleyville Council Representatives and members of the Village Utility Committee; Ken Kvacek, Council Representative; George Skipper; Don Johnson, Kimble representative; Vince Crawford, Waste Management (“WM”) representative.


There were no prior Minutes to review.  There was no Old Business.


The competitive bids submitted by Kimble and WM on October 17, 2014, pursuant to the Village’s published request for such proposals, were reviewed, compared and discussed. The original submitted bids, in their entirety, are available for viewing at the Village Hall.


COMPARISON: Both bidding companies offered pricing information based on the present contractual format between the Village and WM, which consists of a fixed rate per household, plus a disposal fee calculated by a dollar amount times the number of tons of waste picked up for disposal each month. Both bids are calculated based on weekly garbage pickup with a 96 gallon cart provided by the bidder, and collection every other week of recyclables with a 64 gallon recycling cart, also provided by the bidder.


1. Kimble Base Bid:

 $11.19/per month/per household; $40.00/ton disposal fee (first year)

 $11.42/per month/per household; $40.80/ton disposal fee (second year)

 $11.76/per month/per household; $42.00/ton disposal fee (third year)


2. WM Base Bid:

  $10.03/per month/per household; $41.00/ton disposal fee (first year)

  $10.33/per month/per household; $42.23/ton disposal fee (second year)

  $10.63/per month/per household; $43.49/ton disposal fee (third years)

(This represents a substantially better rate than the Village’s present contract with WM, which is for $11.18/per month/per household; $44.65/ton disposal fee.)


3. In addition, WM offered a new alternative pricing format, consisting of a fixed rate per household, without an additional, variable disposal fee. This was priced at a rate of $13.53/per month/per household for the first year, with a 3% annual increase. Applying this flat rate in comparison with the rate plus disposal fee model, the Committee estimated that the flat rate would produce an overall saving to the Village in any month in which the tonnage was more than 27 tons.  Since a monthly collection under 27 tons has not occurred in 2014 to date, only 4 times in 2013, and only once in 2012, the Committee has concluded that the flat rate offered in the WM bid represents the better choice for Bentleyville.


The WM bid also included provision for a fuel surcharge which would implemented incrementally only if the price of Midwest Diesel exceeds $4.20/gallon.  Since the cost of diesel is presently at historic lows, this does not appear to be unreasonable.


WM also offers additional carts to residents, at a cost of $2.00/per month/ 96 gallon waste cart, and $1.00/per month/65 gallon recycling cart, the additional cost to be billed to the resident.

CONCLUSION: The Committee recommends to Council that the Village should accept WM’s bid for refuse collection, disposal and recycling, calculated as a flat rate per household.

The Committee would also like to thank Kimble for submitting an excellent proposal in its bid, and for participating in a spirited discussion of the issues.


Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM.






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