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Safety and Streets Meeting

October 13th, 2010

9 AM

In attendance, John Bourisseau, Chief Pitts, George Skipper and residents Mark Ross, Dave Maine and Ed Gray.

Review Police and Service Hours

Discussed injury to Dale Burger, Service Dept. Foreman. He will be having knee surgery and his date of return is unknown. Chief has discussed with the mayor the need to add another person immediately assist with ongoing projects and leaf pickup which will begin the week of October 17th.

The Chief reviewed the changes that he has made to the part time Police schedule in response to our reduced revenue situation. These changes were made on the Chiefs initiative and were not at the recommendation of any Committee. During low incident hours, we will have only 1 Patrolman on duty. This results in a significant savings, but should be viewed as a temporary solution.

The Chief feels that the Service Department cannot be reduced further.

Review Service Projects

The Service Dept. will complete the berming project on Holbrook and is getting ready to start leaf pickup.

The Chief would like to purchase a used roller so that the Village Service Dept. could do more road repairs. He knows of one for sale for $2500. I suggested that he contact Jeff Filarski the Village engineer, to review this idea and to come up with a outline of the type of work they could accomplish and the cost savings to the Village.

We had a discussion of the pros and cons of proceeding with the Cannon Road project next year. The Village portion of the resurfacing will be in excess of $200,000 should this project move forward.

New Business

We reviewed a request from Solon for a detour from Bainbridge Road while a culvert is being replaced, that would route traffic along Liberty, Solon and Chagrin River Roads. The detour will be in effect for 45 days starting Oct. 18th and ending Dec. 3rd. Jeff remarked that there should be no truck traffic and that if the light at Solon and River Roads needed to be retimed then the contractor would absorb those costs.

Mr. Filarski submitted 3 change orders totaling about $18,000 dollars to the committee for review and recommendation. One was related to concrete work done on Quartermain Circle and the other 2 are related to the replacement of Culverts C-31 & C-32 on Solon Road. The Committee recommends approval of the payment of these change orders.

The Chief requested that, once the Winter weather arrives, that he barricade the entrance to the Park. There have been numerous incidents where individuals have driven into the park and not been able to get out.

The chief reported that the Deer Season is underway and has generally gone very well. There were a few minor incidents where there were attempts made to disrupt hunting. These have been reported to DNR for investigation. There has been one incidence where it was found that a resident did not follow proper notification procedures and their permit for hunting was rescinded.

Meeting Adjourned at 10:15

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