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Safety and Streets

Wednesday August 13, 2013

9 AM


Attending--Chief Pitts, Dale Berger, George Skipper Committee member, Council members Kathleen Hale & Christine Comstock, John Bourisseau, Chair


 Review Police and Service Hours.

          Discuss service projects and equipment:

          The Service Dept. continues to spend a lot of time cutting grass and maintain roadway berms. Service hours are down somewhat due to vacations.  Dale indicated that he had received 3 bids for removal of a tree in a culvert on Pine River Drive.  The are funds in the budget for tree removal.  Dale reported that a culvert on Solon Road is plugged.  The service department does not have the equipment to clear the culvert so the Village Engineer was contacted and he has received estimates for the work.

 Old Business

          Dale reported that we are waiting for the keys to begin the new fuel program.

            Kathleen Hale reported that the CVT homeowners are reviewing the options regarding streetlights to enhance safety for children waiting for school buses.

The Chief mentioned that he is helping the new Chief understand the different aspects of the Deer Ordinance

 New Business

          Review bids for summer work projects.

          We reviewed the bids for the storm sewer work on Winding River Trail and the 2013 Roads program.  Toaz Construction was the low bidder for the storm sewer work and the Engineer recommends accepting their bid.  The committee recommends accepting this bid. 

The bids for the 2013 Roads program came in significantly over budget.  The Engineer recommends that council reject the bids.  The Engineer will restructure the project and will seek authorization for new bids.

          Discuss equipment needs for 2014 budget

          We discussed the status of our equipment.  All of the equipment is in good condition.  The Chief mentioned that the 5 Ton truck may need to be replaced in the next 5-6 years.  This is an expensive piece of equipment and we should be putting money away each year so that we can be in a position to purchase a truck in the future.

     We discussed the acquisition of a zero-turn mower.  This type of mower would provide a better finish cut for the areas around Village Hall and the Park.  While beneficial, it was felt it was not a primary need at this time.

     We recommend the purchase of a piece of equipment that would help to clean salt from the underside of the trucks.  Dale will get cost estimates.

     The Chief mentioned that we may need to look at updating the MDT units.  He will discuss this with the new Chief.


            Meeting adjourned at 9:44

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