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Safety and Streets Minutes

July 12, 2010

9 AM

Present: John Bourisseau, Dale Berger, Tim Pitts, George Skipper, Mark Ross and Wendy Gillund

1. Review Police and Service Hours
Police and service hours are in line with budget for the year. Police hours were up a bit this period due to vacation coverage.
Service hours are in line with budget projections.
The Chief and Dale outlined a number of tasks that they will be starting: Flushing of hydrants, building up the berm along Holbrook Rd. using grindings from road projects and trimming bushes and shrubs that impede vision and access along the right of way.

2. Old Business
Mobile Data Terminals
Presentations and cost projections for the acquisition of Mobile Data Terminals for police vehicles have been present to S&S and Finance. It is the recommendation of the S&S that the Village purchase at least the two units being offered from Orange Village. The Village could either purchase a 3rd unit right now, or wait until our next new police vehicle is ordered.

3. New Business
Proposal for Service Department Staffing
The mayor, working with Bernice and Chief Pitts, is proposing a change in the staffing of the service department, moving from part-time employees to full-time. It is felt that this would allow for better coverage and long term retention of trained staff. A breakdown of the mayors’ proposal will be provided to those council members who don’t already have one for review. This breakdown compares the costs of 3 employees and does not cover additional seasonal help. We will need to clarify some questions about wages for part time seasonal employees and review the definition of overtime as it would relate to this new structure.

There have been a number of question regarding on-street parking throughout the village. The Chief is addressing these questions through contact with the Home Owner Associations and the Village Newsletter.

Horse Crossing
Council Person Gillund asked for the status of the horse crossing sign on Solon Rd. near the park. The Chief indicated he would have something in place as soon as possible.

Storm Water Drainage
Cannon Rd. resident Mark Ross indicated that storm water run off from Cannon Rd. is creating an erosion problem for both Cannon Rd and his driveway. We will request the Village Engineer to meet with Mr. Ross to review and assess the problem.

Meeting Adjourned 10:20 AM

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