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Safety and Streets
June 9, 2010

Present: John Bourisseau, Penny Whittaker, Chief Pitts, Sgt. Nick DiCicco-Orange Village Police Dept.

1. Review Police and Service Hours. Full time hours are up a little, while part time are down. There were 2 questions about reporting procedures. Are the Chief’s overtime hours included in the Full-Time hours? And if so, why, as they are unpaid and distort the total. The Chief’s overtime hours should be reported separately. Are sick pay hours included in the totals?
2. Service Hours—We discussed the need to prioritize the service departments hours. Many tasks have been added over the years and it is difficult to do the normal activities and keep within budgeted hours.
3. We discussed placing a “Horse Crossing” sign on Solon Road. Horseback Rider cross from the Metro-Parks at the South end of the bridge to the entrance of the Village Park. We also discussed placing more Deer Crossing Signs throughout the Village.
4. Sgt. Nick DiCicco from Orange Village provided us with a demonstration of a Mobile Data Terminal(MDT). We are presently the only community within our dispatch area that does not have MDT’s in their vehicles. Orange has recently upgraded their systems and are offering the Village 2 Gateway M285E tablet PC’s for $100 (computers are 3 yrs. old and cost about $2000 new). This would include all mounting brackets, Vehicle Power Converter, and the VPN client connection for the Chagrin Dispatch, cables, etc. Orange would assist in the installation and training of our personnel on these units.
The MDT put a great deal of information at the fingertips of the Police Officer in addition to providing GPS data for dispatch and other Officers in the field. These features would greatly reduce the amount of time spent with paper work and record keeping.
In addition to the 2 Units available through Orange, the Chief feels that he could get a 3rd unit donated so that each car would have one.
Cost For 3 units, there would be a 1x costs of about $5300 to cover all of the necessary software licenses that would be installed on the computers. In addition, there would be annual costs of about $2700 --that is broken down as $1800 for 3 cell phone cards (Sprint is the service the Police currently use) and $900 in fees for support and upgrades to the software for 3 computers.
Sgt. DiCicco will demonstrate the MDT capabilities at the Monday Finance Meeting

Meeting adjourned at 9:50 AM

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