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Safety and Streets
June 13, 2012
9 AM

Present: John Bourisseau, Joe Maurer, Christine Comstock, Chief Pitts, Dale Berger, Ed Gray

1.  Review Police and Service Hours.
Discuss service projects and equipment--Police hours are within expected limits.  The Chief reported that 2 more of the auxiliaries who were previously laid off by Cleveland were recalled.  That leaves four--with one of them possibly leaving due to relocation.  The Chief feels that the adjustments made to the training and administration of the auxiliary program are working well.
John turner has completed his 6 month probation period as Sgt. and the S&S committee recommends that council approve his appointment.
The Chief shared that Bentleyville is partnering with Glenwillow and Solon by submitting a grant to receive funds for a diversion program.  The funds would pay the entire costs for our policemen to supervise youth who are admitted into the diversion program.
The chief indicated that he is exploring the costs involved in hooking the traffic light at the intersection of Solon, River and Overlook into the Village Hall Generator in case of power failure.  This is a dangerous intersection without traffic control and can cause significant delays during extended power outages.  A discussion ensued regarding various options to provide power to the light and other traffic control alternatives.
Service hours are a little below budgeted amounts.  One service department member was on vacation.  We discussed ‘banking’ hours for the Winter season and the various projects that the service department will undertake over the summer.  We discussed service department hours, the need for continued documentation of projects with an eye toward future budgetary recommendations.  All reports are available online.
A large tree near a culvert on Pine River is falling.  The Village Engineer is determining whether or not the culvert is in danger.  If the culvert is in danger, then the removal of the tree could be included in the drainage program.  If not, then we will need to bring in a tree service to remove the tree.
Dale reports that all equipment is functioning well.

2.  Old Business
  Review bids for parking lot.  The chief indicated that he has reviewed bids for parking lot repair with the Village Engineer.  Because of the need for extensive work, Mr. Filarski felt that the work should be included as part of his Asphalt repair program.  Following the repair work, the parking lot would be sealed and striped as part of a separate bid.
3.   New Business
  Review request from the Village Engineer to advertise for bids for the Asphalt and Drainage programs.  The Safety and Streets committee recommends that council authorize the Village Engineer to advertise for bids for the Asphalt and Drainage programs.  There has been an additional collapse of a culvert on Quartermane  Circle.  Dave Maine, who lives in the River Run development, requested through the Chief that the culvert next to his driveway receive high priority once the work starts.  The collapsed culvert represents a safety hazard as he enters and exits his driveway.
The Safety Committee has been helpful in identifying various needs within the Service Department.  The Safety and Streets committee recommends the purchase of the following safety equipment--mostly to replace old and deteriorating gear.
15 T-shirts, lime green with reflective stripes @ $11.50 ea total $172.50
3 Rain Gear--all weather @ $130 ea. total $390
3 Reflective breakaway vests @ $25 ea.  total $75.

The service department has already purchased a spill kit for the diesel fuel tank and Dale is pricing an eye wash station for the service garage.

Meeting adjourned 9:45

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