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Safety and Streets
April 11, 2012
9 AM

Present.  John Bourisseau, Christine Comstock, Dale Berger, Chief Pitts.

Meeting commenced at 9:05 AM

1.  Review Police and Service Hours
Hours are within expected limits.  The Chief indicated that area police departments are discussing the need for additional training to prepare for situations that may arise similar to Chardon.  It is important that area forces work together and are in a position to provide mutual aid if necessary.  Training may result in the need for additional hours for police personnel.  Our present schedule provides adequate coverage for the community, but there is little flexibility to address training needs.  Should training sessions be scheduled, the Chief will inform the mayor and S&S committee prior to assigning any personnel to the sessions.
The Chief reported that the mayor will swear in an additional part-time officer to help provided flexibility in assignments.  This will not result in any additional hours to the present schedule, and the officer is not guaranteed any minimum amount of hours.
The Chief reported that he met with the mayor to discuss the status of the auxiliary program.
Dale indicated that the service department have implemented the new work schedule.  We reviewed the task list compiled by the S&S and Park Committees that is being used as a guide for service department work.  Dale reported that with the early Spring, they have already cut grass throughout the Village two times and have worked in the park.  They have begun the pruning of the crab-apple trees.

Equipment--the Chief indicated that he has the bid ready for the new police car and wants to move forward with purchase.  The new vehicle will be a Ford Taurus with all wheel drive.  The total cost will be below the $30,000 amount placed in the budget.  The S&S Committee recommends that we move forward with purchase of the vehicle.  The 2008 Ford Crown Victoria, which has over 150K miles, will be used for trade-in or sale.
The 2008 CV recently required some major repairs totaling $1500--it required a new intake manifold and transmission cooling system.
New tires were required for the SUV.  The old tires had about 35K miles on them.

2.  Old Business
As a result of our discussion regarding the No Turn on Right Sign for the Solon/River/Overlook intersection, the Village Engineer made recommendations for signs to be added at numerous points at the intersection.  The Chief will order the signs and have them installed.
The Chief is gathering bids for repair of the asphalt in the parking lot.  There are many areas in significant dis-repair and the contractors are being asked to break out their estimates so that we will have the opportunity to select all or part of the work to be completed.

3.  New Business
Dale indicated that he will meet with Jeff to co-ordinate the road work for the season.  The service department intends to schedule use of the roller to use for hot patch repair throughout the Village.
Chief Pitts shared an email that he received regarding a Cuyahoga County Solid Waste Management Plan Public Comment Period.  The email is informational for service directors and indicates that notification was sent to the mayor and council president.  The County is seeking comments on the draft update to the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste Management Plan.  The plan can be viewed at

Meeting adjourned 9:55

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