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Safety and Streets

February 11, 2015

9 AM


Meeting Commenced 9:02 am


In Attendance, John Bourisseau, Council members Ken Kvacek, Kathleen Esposito, Chris Comstock and Kathleen Hale, Chief Barone and Service Director Dale Berger


Review Police and Service Hours

            Discuss Police staffing. 

                        The Chief reported that he will be recommending that the Village hire James Orsine as Sgt. at the February meeting.

                        Additionally the chief continues to look at the need to increase the number of officers available for part-time scheduling.  This is not an increase in hours, but rather an increase in the pool of individuals available for scheduling.  We discussed the procedures that the Chief uses in screening candidates and feel that he is utilizing a variety of means to determine that the Village is getting well qualified candidates.

            The Chief reported that Officer Cutwright will be attending fire arms instruction school.  The tuition is $920 plus ammunition costs.  The chief will be ordering a supply of ammunition for use in qualifying our officers and buying 2 new handguns for part time officers.  The costs of the handguns will be off set by trading in 3 older weapons.

            Discuss service projects and equipment

                        Dale reported that they have gone through about 550 tons of salt this year.  They have an ample supply on hand he feels that our annual order looks to be enough for anticipated needs.

                        The 2005 truck is undergoing repairs and is presently offline.

                        The had to repair one of the snowplows.  While repairing the plow, Lloyd sustained an injury to his finger which caused him to miss 2 days of work.  His load upon returning has been diminished.

                        A garage door opener failed and was replaced.

            Old Business

                        The B-ville safe app is progressing toward a March/April roll out.  We discussed some of the features of the app.

            New Business

                        We discussed if there should be some procedure in place for when misses work due to an injury on the job that is not severe enough to keep the employee home from work long enough for workman’s compensation to kick in.  We decided to think about this issue and discuss it further at future meetings.

                        We discussed the current roads levy which is up for renewal and recommend that finance take an in depth look at the impact of the current levy and some options that might be proposed to increase revenue for the future.  Councilman Kvacek will contact the fiscal officer for data to be discussed at the finance committee.

                        Councilman Kvacek brought up the issue of how the Village might be able to identify those families in the community that may have some special need.  It is felt that we need to identify these households so that safety forces will know in an emergency situation how to proceed.

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