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Streets & Safety Committee
February 11, 2009

The meeting was called to order at 11 am

Present: John Bourisseau- chair, Penny Whitaker-councilperson, Chief Pitts, Residents Kathleen Hale and Dan Durmick

Kathleen Hale is the current president of the Chagrin Valley Trails Homeowners Association. She presented residents concerns over speeding in the subdivision and had questions about the safety of a turn into the subdivision where there have been numerous accidents. Both Chief Pitts and the Village Engineer are in the process of assessing these situations and are exploring possible interventions. Ms. Hale also brought up the idea of individual residents creating plantings around their mailboxes and was interested to know if there were any restrictions for safety. I indicated that I would consult with the Mr. Filarski. There also are concerns about the difficulty in snowplowing the circle at the end of Whitetail Lane. The chief is aware and has discussed possible solutions with Mr. Filarski.

Dan Durmick expressed his desire to see the Village actively pursue funding to provide safer ways for residents to move through the Village. The Village has many interesting sites, but the roadways are narrow and unsafe for bicycle and pedestrian traffic making it difficult to safely get to places like the Park or Union Cemetery. I provided Mr. Durmick with the name of another resident who is pursuing all purpose trails in the Chagrin Valley and indicated that I would bring his issue to council and the Village Engineer for discussion and possible alternatives.

The Committee recommends that the Village approve the following:
--Conversion of the Vbox on the older 3 ton truck. $15000 to come from the Capitol improvement fund
--the purchase of a used 6’ plow for the pickup truck. This will allow the service department to do a more effective job of snowplowing some of the smaller streets and tighter areas in the community. Cost $700 to come from the Service Dept Equipment fund.
--purchase 2 digital video-cam systems to replace the older VHS systems in the patrol cars. Cost $6000—these funds are in the current budget.

Councilperson Whitaker received a call from a resident expressing concern that our wildlife management ordinance governing deer culling was not being adhered to. We reviewed the ordinance in light of the complaints. There are a few specific questions regarding the interpretation of parts of the ordinance that Ms. Whitaker will ask Mr. Shuman. The present ordinance has been in effect for about 8 years and we feel it might be a good time to review how it is working.

Next Meeting Wednesday March 10, 9 am. Meeting adjourned at 12:30 pm

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