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Safety and Streets
November 9, 2011
9 AM

Present: John Bourisseau, Chair, Christine Comstock, George Skipper Chief Pitts, Dale Berger
1. Review Police and Service Hours.
Discuss service projects and equipment
--Full time Police hours were up slightly this month due the need to cover shifts. Sgt. Turner also needed to put in some extra time to prepare for the CART in-service that he attended in Florida.
--Leaf-Vac is working well. It is a much more powerful and efficient piece of equipment. The service department has found that with the increased velocity of the leaves entering the box, the screening on the top of the box breaks loose and the leaves then blow back out into the air. They are continuing to make temporary repairs, but we should consider replacing the boxes. Possibly one next year, and the 2nd the year after. I have asked the Chief to get cost estimates for replacement leaf boxes.
2. Old Business
Discuss Road Repair Equipment
--The Chief has been in contact with the service department directors from Moreland Hills and Chagrin Falls. The three communities would like to enter into an agreement to purchase a Dura-Patch unit. The approximate cost would be $22,000. The Safety & Streets Committee recommends that we include the costs for this purchase in the budget next year.
--We reviewed again the request by the mayor for us to enter into a contract with Chagrin Falls for Fire Prevention Services. The S&S Committee recommends that appropriate legislation be drawn up to enter into such an agreement with Chagrin Falls.
3. New Business
Discuss reverse 911.
--We pay a basic annual fee to have 911. It can be targeted for individual streets or residences. We pay an additional fee when we activate it. Only the Chief or his designee, can activate the system.
--The S&S Committee would like to suggest an exception to our current pay procedure as follows: When an item has been (1) authorized, (2) purchased with a purchase order, (3) delivered and (4) accepted; the invoice for such item may be paid without additional Council approval. Under our current procedures, council may authorize the purchase of equipment, the equipment can be delivered and in operation, but the vendor may have to wait up to a month for payment. Payment, if the item is authorized, should be made when the item is delivered or invoice received.
--We discussed the current brush and leaf disposal procedure.
--We discussed the use of personal cell phones by the Chief and the Service Department Foreman and feel that current practices are most effective.
Meeting Adjourned at 10:10 AM

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