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Safety and Streets
September 14, 2011
8:30 AM

Present:  Mayor Spremuli, Chief Pitts, George Skipper, Christine Comstock, John Bourisseau, Dale Berger

1.  Review Police and Service Hours.
Police and service hours continue to be within expected limits.

2.  Old Business
The new tractor has arrived--but some of the attachments have not.  It is at Pet & Garden waiting for the attachments.
The Chief and Dale have reviewed various options regarding equipment purchases.  A summary of their recommendations is attached.  It includes immediate needs, as well as recommendations for the 2012 Budget.  Of note is the need to address the condition of the V-Box Spreader.  Repairs to the box will cost $5335.24.  We can trade in the V-box and replace it with a new stainless steel spreader for $3200.24.
The Chief indicated that there is proposed legislation that would delay or eliminate the sign mandates because of the significant financial impact on small communities.

3.  New Business
      Review Police staffing recommendations.  The mayor related that he has sworn in Jason Fischer as a part time officer to cover the hours of Joe Singula, who is recovering from surgery.  The mayor is still considering the recommendation to swear-in officer Wilk as a part time officer to handle detective duties.
The mayor asked the Chief to review the procedures for deer hunting.  The Chief has already had a meeting of the hunters, properties are identified and adjoining property owners are being contacted.  A discussion ensued about the procedure for contacting adjoining property owners.  The mayor will be sending out his letter to the community shortly.
The mayor also indicated that he is working on a budget proposal to present to council.
Discussed Fire Safety procedures in service garage
Ms. Comstock reviewed a list of areas where the Bentleyville shares services or cooperates with surrounding communities.

Meeting adjourned at 9:45 am

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