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Minutes, Safety & Streets
July 13, 2011, 9AM

Present: George Skipper, Chief Pitts, Dale Berger & John Bourisseau, chair

1.  Review Police and Service Hours
Service hours and Part-time Police Hours are below budgeted amounts.  Full time Police hours are over budget projections.  The Chief reports that this is due to a number of ongoing investigations and training needs.

The Service Department is finding that there continues to be a demand for brush pick-up.  It was suggested that we designate Monday as brush pick-up day to try to allow the Service Dept. to better budget the available time during the week.
Dale indicated that the tree that was cabled in the riverbank near the park has been dislodged by the high water this Spring.  One cable is missing and the tree in the river is putting stress on the tree it is cabled to.  Jeff Filarski should look at the site and make recommendations
The pump for the pressure washer has broken.  We discussed purchasing a new unit or replacing the pump for a cost of around $700.  Since the motor still works well, it was felt that replacing the pump was the best option.
The air compressor is not functioning properly.  It is not building and holding pressure as expected.  The unit is 6 mo. out of warranty.  Dale will continue to try and diagnose the specific problem, but the unit may need to be replaced.
Dale is presently replacing the starter motor in the 2005 Intl. Truck.
Chief Pitts provided different options for the purchase a new leaf vac.  Our present leaf vac is 12 years old, held together with bailing wire and duct tape.  The State bid price for a unit with the specifications the Chief feels are appropriate is $54,924.  The Chief is exploring various purchase options that will allow the Village to spread the cost out over 5 years.  The expected life of this unit would be 10 years.  There will be a demonstration of this unit Tuesday July 19th at the service garage at 11 AM.  The demonstration is expected to be viewed by numerous area service directors.

Police Cars  The chief has been able to acquire a 2011 Crown Victoria Police Unit.  It was ordered by another community and then not purchased when they didn’t have the funds.  State bid cost will be $26,174.74, with about another $2700 in prep and set-up costs for a total around $28,900.  This car will replace unit 1551, our unmarked car which is a 2005 with about 115,000 miles on it.  We should have the car ready to go in a few weeks.
Unit 1543 is a 2008 with about 127,000 miles, unit 1542 is a 2007 with about 120,000 and the SUV is a 2009 and has about 50,000 miles.
We will need to put a police car in the budget for next year.

2.  Old Business
We are hoping for the delivery of the new tractor within the next week or so.  Dale has put the old tractor on the shelf out of concern that using it may be damaged.
3.  New Business 
The chief reported the availability of a grant to help purchase vests for full-time, part-time and auxiliary police personnel.  The cost for 16 vests is $12,800.  The grant will pay 50% of the cost, so the cost to the Village would be $6,400.
The useful life of a vest is around 3 years.  Most of our officers have vests over 3 years old.

Meeting Adjourned, 10:10 AM

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