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Safety and Streets Minutes

Wednesday June 8th


In attendance, John Bourisseau, Chair, Christine Comstock, George Skipper, Dale Berger, Chief Pitts

1.  Review Police and Service Hours
Police and Service hours are within expected limits.  A few ongoing investigations have increased the overtime hours for full-time
Review Status of equipment and salt supplies.  The Chief estimates that we have 250T of salt in storage—we have qualified for the State bid for future needs.
Dale Berger mentioned that 2 of our police cars (not scheduled for replacement) have over 120,000 miles.  These will have increasing need for repairs over the next few years.
The chief mentioned that the air-conditioning unit has been repaired in the car that will be used for a trade-in.  Funds for this were donated.

2.  Old Business
Review Bid for new tractor.  Chief Pitts has submitted to Bernice the State bid prepared by Chagrin Pet & Garden for a new tractor.  Once council approves the bid, it will take 2-4 weeks for delivery.

The S&S Committee re-affirms its recommendation that John Turner be confirmed by council as a sergeant and will request that a motion to do so be put on the council agenda. 

3.  Old Business
Discuss Mayor’s recommendation for pay raise for Village Employees.
S&S supports the mayors recommendation that here be a pay raise for all employees.

Review schedule for equipment replacement.  The Chief has developed a list for all of council showing the purchase date, purchase price, projected date of replacement and replacement cost for Service Dept. Equipment.  This list is in council members mailbox.  Of immediate need, in addition to the tractor, is a new Leaf Vacuum.  Our present unit has broken down many times and literally is held together with duct tape and bailing wire. S&S minutes as far back as 2008 refer to the need to address the need for a new leaf vacuum. It is also terribly inefficient, requiring at least a four-person crew, while 2 people can operate newer models because of better hydraulics.

Other items, listed for replacement in 2012, are still very serviceable, but are reaching their useful life and will be evaluated on a yearly basis.

Adjourned 9:40

Following adjournment, Lt. Nagle came in to inform the Chief that service department personnel were need to direct traffic for an Engineering Crew taking core samples of Solon Road for the next 2 days.  This effectively eliminates our service departments’ ability to perform needed maintenance throughout the village for this time period.  It was our understanding that the directive for the use of service department personnel came from the Village Engineer.
We understand the importance of the need for traffic control for this type of task, but feel it is important to coordinate ahead of time with the Chief so that alternative arrangements can be made.  Traffic control could be accomplished using Auxiliary or part-time officers, or arrangements could be made to hire part-time people so that the service department can accomplish their daily tasks.

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