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April 13, 2011


9:00 AM

Meeting began at 9AM—In attendance, Council members John Bourisseau, chair, Christine Comstock & George Skipper. Chief Pitts, Dale Berger, Chagrin Falls City Manager Ben Himes and CF Service Director Jeff Snediker.

1 Review Police and Service Hours.

Police and service hours are within expected levels. There are a few equipment repairs needed.
The Tractor has been sent in for diagnosis of large noise—possibly bearings. The chief will get an estimate for repairs. This piece of equipment has been on its last legs for many years. It is used for a variety of tasks from loading salt to cutting grass. Back-up for loading salt has been the Chief’s personal equipment. We need to consider purchase of a good used loader.

The Chief reported that he will be chairing a meeting of the Police Chiefs in the VEG to identify a uniform protocol to follow in the event of a missing or abducted child.

The Committee continues to recommend the formal implementation of the Sgt. position in the Village police force.

1. Old Business
--Review information provided by the Chief regarding the Federal mandate that we change our radio frequency to a narrow band

The Federal govt. has mandated a change from wide band technology to a narrow band for all communication gear by January 1, 2013. Chief has acquired a cost estimate of just under $7000 for the needed equipment and work. Funds for these services should be placed in the 2012 budget.

2. New Business

--Discuss options for painting the Council Chambers
The Chief will solicit 3 estimates for this work.

--Discuss proposal for purchase of a Tandem-drum vibratory roller in partnership with the Village of Chagrin Falls. Ben Himes, Chagrin Village Administrator will be present.

Ben Himes and Jeff Snediker from Chagrin Falls presented a request that we partner with Chagrin Falls for the purchase of a new Tandem-drum Vibratory Roller with Trailor. Chagrin would house and maintain this equipment. The request was reviewed with the Bentleyville Engineer Jeff Filarski by email. Jeff, and the Committee felt that this would be an excellent investment and will recommend to the Finance Committee and Council that we partner with Chagrin to purchase this roller. Cost to the Village for the roller and trailer would be ½ of $17550, or $8775 ea. These funds would come from the Capitol Equipment Fund. Once the purchase is approved, the Law Director from Chagrin would draw up an agreement in consultation with the Law Director for Bentleyville.
A discussion ensued on what type of repairs could be accomplished by the service departments.

--Review implications of Federal mandate to standardize street signs

The Federal government has mandated two changes for signage in local communities. By 2015, communities must update all post-mounted guide signs to meet minimum reflectivity standards and by 2018 all street signs must be updated. The 2nd mandate is, that all updated street signs must used a combination of Upper and Lower case lettering of a minimum size. There are additional specifications regarding height of poles, distance from the road, etc. The Chief, along with Dale Berger will inventory all the signs in the Village, acquire cost estimates, and then we will develop a plan to implement the mandates over the next several years.

Meeting Adjourned at 10:10 AM

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