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Safety and Streets Minutes

Wednesday March 9th


Meeting commenced 8:30 AM, Present John Bourisseau, Christine Comstock, George Skipper, Chief Jim Brosius from Chagrin Falls, Chief Pitts and Dale Berger.

1.  Review Police and Service Hours
Part-time police hours are up a bit due to the training of the new part-time person.  Part time hours for the year are still under budget allocations.  The process for screening Auxiliary Officers is underway with numerous applications.  Service Dept. hours over budget allocation, but are considered to be in good shape given the severity of the Winter.  The trucks have come through in relatively good shape, although there have been repairs needed to the plows, a hydraulic line in the newest truck and rear brake repairs to another truck.  Because of the redundancy built into our system we have been always able to attend to the


2.  New Business
Regional Dispatch.  Presentation by Chief Brosius of the Chagrin Falls Police Dept. Historically, the dispatch center for police, fire and EMS services has been solely owned and operated by the Village of Chagrin Falls.  Chief Brosius presented the committee sample legislation to create a regional communication center with each member community participating in a Governing Board that would control the operation of such a center.  Chagrin Falls and a few surrounding communities have already passed this enabling legislation.  A copy of the draft legislation has been provided to Ken Schuman.  He will revise it to make it appropriate for Bentleyville and it should be in your packet Friday.  The Safety and Streets Committee recommends passage of this enabling legislation.

3.  Old Business
Discussion of options regarding new patrol car.  The State of Ohio awards the contracts for patrol cars to one dealer in the State.  The production line for vehicles with the Police package is limited in time and there are a finite number of vehicles available for purchase with this package.  The 2011 vehicles with the police package have all been spoken for, there are no more available.  Current costs and specifications for 2012 vehicles are not presently available.  The Chief believes that this information will be available sometime in September, and if we act quickly, we could receive delivery of a new vehicle before the end of the year.  The S&S committee recommends that we give the Chief authorization to order a new vehicle as soon as they become available with the cost not to exceed what is presently authorized in the budget.  The Chief will inform and discuss with the chair of S&S the details of the specifications and costs of a new vehicle as soon as information becomes available.
We also discussed the possibility of leasing a vehicle.  There are Dodge Chargers with the police package available for lease for approximately $10,000 per year for a 3 year lease agreement.  After the 3 years you can purchase the car for $1.  While this option would allow the Village to spread costs over a 3 year period, there would be additional costs involved in adapting our equipment to a new vehicle configuration.

Meeting Adjourned  at 9:20 AM

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