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Safety and Streets Special Meeting
Tuesday June 8, 2010
7 PM

The Streets and Safety Committee held a special meeting on Tuesday June 8th 2010 to allow for all of council to finalize changes to section 672.09 of the Codified Ordinances of the Village of Bentleyville and to hear comments from Village Residents regarding these changes. A recording was made of this meeting.

Present: All members of council, Chief Pitts, Bill Hulett, Penny Hulett, Jill Zupon, Pam Teel, Cheryl Stack, Kevin Stack, Christine Comstock, Gary Gajewski, Charlene Gajewski, Mike Bellah, Darlene Jonozzo, Brad Lucas, Sali McSherry, Angela Gardner, Bruce Trapp, Carol Trapp, Jon DeVaul , John Devaul, Cheryl Baker, Tim Baker, Linda Dickey-White, Maddie Baker, Larry Colister. 2 Wildlife Management Officers were also present.

Council had an open and ongoing discussion with those members of the public who were present. Various changes to the ordinance were offered by individual council members, discussed thoroughly and commented on over the course of the meeting.

A final list of changes was agreed upon and has been submitted to the Law Director.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:50.

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