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Safety and Streets Agenda

Wednesday May 11th
8:30 AM

Present: Dale Berger, Tim Pitts, George Skipper, Christine Comstock and John Bourisseau

Meeting started at 8:30 am

1. Review Police and Service Hours
Service hours are within expected limits as are part-time police hours. Full-time hours are up slightly due to investigations and a few shift coverage issues.

Review status of Equipment: The majority of equipment is in good to excellent condition, However, the large tractor has reached it’s useful life. It was purchased in 1999 and is used for salt loading, heavy-lifting in the maintenance garage and throughout the community and for mowing large and difficult berms and areas in the village.
The Chief will explore purchase and rental options and report back to the S&S Committee and council. During the last snow storm, when the tractor was down, the service department used the Chief’s personal equipment to move and load salt. The tractor has been repaired to the degree that it can be, but if it goes down again, there may be a need to immediately rent a replacement depending on the needs of the village.

Discuss new requirement for full-time employees to pay a portion of Medical Coverage. We discussed the impact of this policy on full-time employees, the possible need for a Human Resources person and how all of the stakeholders can be part of the decision making process

2. New Business
Review recommendation for resurfacing Cannon Rd. We reviewed the information provided by the Village Engineer regarding the OPWC funding for this project and recommend that a motion be placed on the council agenda to have the Village Engineer prepare the plans and specifications for the project, and the Finance Manager advertise for bids.

Review Cuyahoga County Emergency Operations Plan. John and the Chief attended a presentation that involved Emergency plans and procedures for Cuyahoga County, The County Sheriff’s office and the Red Cross. Cuyahoga County has asked that each village or city have their council approve the plan as a means of creating awareness for what is in place for assistance.

The Chief indicated that he has received the cooperative purchasing agreement from ODOT for next years salt supplies. This will need to be acted on and the Chief provided the necessary information to the Law Director so that Council can pass the necessary legislation this month.

The Chief provided the S&S committee with the specifications and modifications for the new patrol car so that council can authorize the Chief to move forward with the purchase as soon as the bid package becomes available. A copy was placed in each council members mailbox.

3. Old Business
Review contract with Chagrin Falls for Roller.

We reviewed the contract for the shared purchase of the Roller with Chagrin Falls. We had some questions about the shared maintenance responsibilities, which the Chief has discussed with the Chagrin service director. Hopefully this will be cleared up by council meeting.

Meeting adjourned 9:30 AM

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