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Januarv 26, 2011
Bentleyville, Ohio

Present: Planning Commission Members, Kathleen Hale, Mayor Spremulli, George Skipper, Spencer
Pisczak. Building Commissioner Greg Potts.

Meeting started at 7:05 and adjourned at 8:05 PM.

1. Pat Finley- 377 Miles Road Lot Split; creating a Winding River parcel. An accessory structure
that exists on the parcel needs to be removed. Items that need to be addressed; grading for the
slope, possibly two driveways, barn removal, lot split, and order of sequence. Suggestions for
removal include a olanned burn for the barn. or actual removal with a bobcat. or other removal
with labor.

Travis Crane represented Pat Finley and asked if the building was removed, will Planning
Commission approve the Iot split. The answer was based on the presented tot split, it would be
recommended to council for approval. Regarding the lot split, Council would have to approve
the lot split. The other item is the slope grade, and that will require council approval. Until the
driveway is engineered, it is not known if a variance or approval is required for the driveway,
however, approval of the plan is required by council due to the existing slope exceeding a 15%

Motion made by Mayor Spremulli to table, seconded 2nded by George Skipper, table was
approved by Hale, Spremulli, and Skipper. Pisczak abstained.

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