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Park, Facilities, and Beautification Committee

December 1, 2008

Monday 7:00pm



Call to Order at 7:04pm

Attendance: Joe Hudson, Linda Mislosky, John Bourisseau, George Skipper, Chief Pitts, Joe Sciangula, Wendy Gillund

Approved October 6, 2008 minutes

Old Business:

* We discussed the McFarland Homestead. The discussion included the lease and finding members for the committee. We will pursue membership more aggressively after the holidays.

*Ideas suggested for the Liberty Road Cemetery included having a dowsing for graves event. John Bourisseau had some information about the process. The Chief provided pictures of the cemetery after the staff had cleaned it up.

*We had a follow up discussion about creating a line item on our budget for Village Hall maintenance. The general consensus was to defer best practice to the finance committee. This discussion had been and is an on going part of the finance committee.

*The Eagle Scout project for young Black was identified and the floor is open to suggestions. At this point two projects have been suggested: a fire pit and horse shoe game, both created in the park.

*John Bourisseau is part of creating a holiday singing event in Chagrin. He suggested that we plan earlier leaving us more time to advertise and possibly include a craft activity to make it more of an event. We will put this on the calendar for next year.

New Business:

*We discussed the presented budget. A motion was made, pending approval of the law director, by Joe Hudson and second by Linda Mislosky - all were in favor

The motion stated the committee favored removing the appropriation worksheet from the budget and replacing it with a line item labeled activities. The rational was to have the flexibility to have events at other locations: Village Hall, McFarland Homestead, or the Union Cemetery and including the Bentleyville Park.

Back burner:

Park restrooms

Next meeting January 5, 2009

Adjourn 7:42pm

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