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August 4, 2008


7:00 p.m.

Call to Order at 7:05 pm

Present: Joe Hudson, Linda Siegel, Wendy Gillund, Chief Pitts, Joe Sciangula, and George Skipper.

Approved July 7, 2008 minutes.

Old Business:

The letter from the Mayor to the Metro parks was shared. The letter addressed the McFarland homestead. Suggested brochures or a display regarding the McFarland homestead be present at the picnic.

Village Picnic:

Linda has everything in order for the Village Bake off. MaryAnn will be contacted with details. We will ask the Mayor and another person to judge the contest.

Volunteers are lined up for the greeting table, games and grilling.

Teresa and Wendy have organized the games. George has a tug of war rope that we can use if the Chief cannot borrow one from another municipality.

Location of tent, grill, games and horse shoes have been determined

Advertisement will be through the website and the sandwich boards.

September meeting has been cancelled

Adjourn 7:40pm

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