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Park, Facilities, and Beautification
June 7, 2011
7 p.m.

Approve April minutes

Old Business:

Discussion on 2011 goals
-It was suggested to wait until we inventory all facilities until we place the list in priority with time projection.
Discussion on 2011 Park budget and how expenses will be shown:
Money in the Park budget can only be for the Park versus beautification and facilities. Hence the line items moved from admin to the Park will show expenditures to admin with no money but will be balanced from the money located in the Park budget. This will leave the Park budget with money at the end of the year but has actually been spent in other categories. We need to look for a better solution. Wendy will ask the auditors.
-Condition of Crabapple Trees: It was discussed that the suckers need to be trimmed
-Garden Club: It was discussed that John would look into the service department creating a water schedule for the flowers. Also, Wendy will check if the garden club was planning on purchasing mulch for the flower beds.
-Flag holder for Ralph Russell’s grave: It was discussed to also check into a Miles road flag holder.
-The air conditioning and heating for Village hall will be addressed through the NOPEC energy grant
-Wendy met with Service department to show Park horse trail that needed the path cleared for our residents and an across county horse ride. Also, one of the benches ended wedged against a tree in the river. Bench was still in good condition and could be replaced in previous location.
-John informed us that 1 of 3 estimates came in for painting.
-Update on cemetery and McFarland homestead: The discussion suggested that the Union cemetery was in good condition, other than the repair of the flag holder. Also, we will meet about the McFarland homestead after the next Park meeting on July 12.

New Business:

Events in the Park -We will discuss possible music events in the Park at July meeting.

Tour exterior of Village Hall: The tour took place and the outside is in relatively good condition. Here are a few noted items:
-Sweep entrance
-Clean gutters
-Steel support over garage door needs painting
-Clean lower trim both backside above back outdoor access to basement and front
-Clean back stairwell of debris
-Clear drain on back wall of lower stairwell
-Take down front trellis and store
-Mulch beds

Adjourn 8:00

Next meeting Tuesday July 12, 2011

Goals for 2011
-John would like to further review re-establishing native plants in the park meadow.
-Eagle Scout project is scheduled for spring/summer. The project would establish a campfire pit and mark the horse trail in the park.
-Better storage in the park for equipment was to be monitored in 2010. John will review information at Streets and Safety meeting.
-Bridge railing for Solon and Miles road is scheduled.
-Discuss with garden club their goals.

Also, we discussed the re-installation of the porta-potty for the park. We shared ideas about using the Dixieland Stompers for the concert in the park and asking Ron Bishop for another Tuba Do presentation.

2010 Goals:

1. Re-establish native plants in the park meadow.
2. Establish a campfire pit in the park. – On hold for Eagle Scout Project
3. Monitor use of equipment to determine better storage..
4. Evaluation of facilities and beautification
5. Bridge railing. – Solon Road will be replaced by the county, Ordinance has been approved by Council. Miles road bridge will stay on our goals.
6. Mark horse trail in park. – Eagle Scout Project
7. Rain barrel

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