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Park, Facilities, and Beautification
May 4, 2010
7 p.m.

Call to Order: 7:06pm
Present: Wendy Gillund, John Bourisseau, Kathleen Esposito, George Skipper, Chief Pitts

Old Business:

Equipment Use procedures approved– See attached

Village Hall Sign – update
Sign turned out well, however, the back light needs adjustment so it does not shine in the eyes of people at night.
Bike and Hike path update – May 25, 7pm at Chagrin Falls High School will be the next public meeting. Please encourage people to attend for their input.

New Business:

Davies Trees estimate for tree trimming and fertilizer was confirmed. Offer to provide care instructions for trees will be held Thursday at 10am. The Chief will video tape the demonstration for the records and future use. During the demonstration the service department will have a yard of mulch to determine proper mulch installation and quantity needed.

The service department will look for deer protection sleeves to be installed in the fall.
The Garden Club had the work day and was successful in clean-up and installation of shrubs. The next step is to purchase annuals.
John Bourisseau update on meadow - tabled


Mark horse trail

Rain Barrel

*Grave markers for Union Cemetery – Event will be held June 6 and before this time we need to install the grave markers held at Sheffield Monuments that were donated by the Shaker Historical Society.
John Bourisseau has done some research on proper identification of veteran graves. Ralph Russell fought in the war of 1812 and there should be a flag holder.

Everyone will keep an eye on facilities and beautification and report any areas that need to be addressed. First hand, make sure the air conditioner is working, especially on days of public use like voting. Second check all clocks in Village Hall to make sure the time is correct. Floor in police department had a crack and it was reinstalled.

Two notes for finance;
We should check our property insurance.
Placement of money collected for use of tent.

2010 Goals:

1. Re-establish native plants in the park meadow.
2. Establish a campfire pit in the park. – On hold for Eagle Scout Project
3. Monitor use of equipment to determine better storage..
4. Evaluation of facilities and beautification
5. Bridge railing. – Solon Road will be replaced by the county, Ordinance has been approved by Council. Miles road bridge will stay on our goals.
6. Mark horse trail in park.
7. Rain barrel

Next Meeting June 1

Adjourn 7:56pm

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