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Park, Facilities, and Beautification
November 2, 2010
7 p.m.

Call to Order at 7:02pm

Present: John Bourisseau and Wendy Gillund

Approved October minutes

Old Business:

October 30th Halloween event in the Park by Officer Biggins - Officer Biggins did an excellent job. There were 40 plus people including teenagers.

2011 Budget – As discussed in October, events reduced to $400, landscaping/grounds maintenance and holiday lights from administration should be transferred to the Parks budget. Electricity and taxes will remain. Restroom facility will remain but for only 6 months of the year. Do to safety during the winter the restroom facility will be removed and the drive will be gated. These expenditures should meet the $5,000 budget.

New Business:

We review goals for 2010 and all other accomplishments. Goals for 2011 will be discussed the first of the year.

We will cancel the December meeting unless a pending item develops.

2010 Goals:

1. Re-establish native plants in the park meadow.
2. Establish a campfire pit in the park. – On hold for Eagle Scout Project
3. Monitor use of equipment to determine better storage..
4. Evaluation of facilities and beautification
5. Bridge railing. – Solon Road will be replaced by the county, Ordinance has been approved by Council. Miles road bridge will stay on our goals.
6. Mark horse trail in park. – Eagle Scout Project
7. Rain barrel

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