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Park, Facilities, and Beautification
November 2, 2009
7 p.m.

Call to Order at 7:04pm
Present: Joe Hudson, Wendy Gillund, George Skipper, and Chief Pitts

Approved October minutes

Old Business:
Equipment Use procedures – We discussed the details and alternatives. A more complete draft will be presented at the next meeting.

Village Hall Sign – Three companies have been contacted to provide an estimate for three options. One option is to refurbish, a second option is to replace, and a third option is to redesign. The estimates should be available by the next meeting. George Skipper has inspected the sign and he informed us that there is electricity in each post and a junction box. There is a breaker in Village Hall to turn it off

Goals for 2010 – Joe Hudson suggested we add the bridge railing. At this time the Chief shared that he has already commissioned some prisoners to repaint the railing. This may only be a temporary fix and we as a committee will still pursue the County.

Bike and Hike path – There has been no update

New Business:

Budget – We do not foresee any change to our budget for 2010, unless the Village Hall Sign becomes a more significant expense. We would like the expenditures for this year to be complete.


Garden Club will join us for a presentation at our next meeting.

Next meeting Monday, December 7, 2009

Adjourn 8:40 pm

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