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Parks, Facilities and Beautification Minutes

September 12, 2012

The meeting was called to order at 10:24 AM following the Safety and Streets Committee meeting by Christine Comstock.
Present were Christine Comstock, Chair, John Bourisseau, Bentleyville Parks Committee, Tim Pitts, Ed Gray, Resident and Tami Munson, Garden Club and Resident

Approve Minutes

The minutes from August 8, 2012, were approved.  Ed Gray asked to have the minutes mailed to him so that he might look them over before the meetings.

Additions to Agenda

Two additions to the agenda: winter plans for the Park and Christmas.

Old Business


Tim has gotten good prices for the sign.  The sign will be a smaller version of the same design as our Welcome to Bentleyville Sign.  The cost will be $129.20.  It will be a one-sided sign.

Dale walked the Cemetery to see if he could tell the boundaries.  There were stakes in place so it was clear.  We do have quite a bit more property than the fenced in portion – probably about 133 X 105.   We talked about what we know of the history of the Cemetery and hope that someone will be interested in taking on the project of looking into it. 

Lester has cleaned all chairs in all areas with our new carpet cleaner.  They look very nice.  He has cleaned all the carpeting except Council and Chamber which will wait until October.

The drought is over – for the moment – and things are growing again.  Many trees have suffered in the drought, many branches have fallen and some trees have died.

The Service Department has done a lot of road work.  Major patching on River Road and Solon road and minor patching of some of the other roads has been done.  This road work has been done by the service Department out of our own budget, thus saving substantial monies to be used in the bigger asphalt projects that Jeff manages with outside contractors.

We have another picnic table in the Pavilion – making it even nicer in the Pavlion.  There are definitely more people using the Park.

John Bourisseau reported that he had had the Historical Society meeting at the Park and the attendees were very complimentary about the Park.  They loved it. “A jewel.”  Thanks to Southeast Harley for the loan of the golf cart for transportation from the parking lot the Pavilion!

Ed Gray asked about numbers of visitors to the website and suggested putting a guest book in the Pavilion at the Park so that visitors could leave comments. We will have the figures available for the web site at the next meeting.

Tami Munson, as the official liaison from the Garden Club, commented that she had noted the condition of the flower beds that the Garden Club had planted and that she had been really embarrassed by the way they looked.  The Service Department had already begun to clean it up.  We talked about a different allocation of watering hours for Lester next year to make sure that this same situation doesn't happen again.  We also discussed putting a form on the website so that people might easily report on conditions that need fixing, but might not be on anyone's radar. We will post a new web page for residents to remind us when things slip through the cracks. 

We appreciate the Garden Club in so many ways. The flower beds and Christmas decorating are only a few of the ways.  When Kathleen observed that the chairs would look much better if they were cleaned, we started thinking about how best to do that which led our eventual purchase of a carpet cleaner so we keep things looking good and save money doing it.  And now the chairs and carpets do look good. 

But as the Service Department used time to clean chairs and carpets and to make repairs to our roads in addition to the usual mowing, trimming, picking up items and branches for residents, the watering and weeding suffered.  We thank Tami for bringing this to our attention. It’s all part of making the Village run smoothly and efficiently, making ends meet and having it look as beautiful as possible.  Hopefully our new web page will also give us quick alerts when something needs attention.

New Business

The Committee looked at the design of the new sign and decided to order it.  Tim will handle that.

Tami Munson will check with the Garden Club to see what they might need for us to facilitate the Christmas decorations.  She also said she would check with them to see about suggestions for Memorial or commemorative trees that we might want to plant in Bentleyville.  We asked her for suggestions for places as well as types of trees.  She stressed the importance of keeping the gardens watered and weeded in order to have projects the Garden Club is proud of being a part of. 

Christian Shimp has put in a proposal to build benches in the Bentleyville Park for his Eagle Scout project.  He proposes fundraising for four benches.  He submitted the drawings for the benches and the maps for their placement - two close to the River path, one by the fire pit and one close to or in the Pavilion.  Jeff had looked at the designs and communicated with Harry Shimp.  We approved the project and Christian had specified that all final decisions would be approved by the Committee, the Engineer and the Service Department.  He will do his fundraising primarily from the residents of Bentleyville and local businesses.  We are very pleased to be having these new benches for people using the Path. 

Winter.  We talked about the possibility of having the Park open some days in winter.  It is a perfect place for cross country skiing, snowshoeing, winter picnicking and sitting (or standing) around a fire.  The Park drive is very difficult to plow and would, of course, not be done until all other roads were done.  The porta potty will be removed November 1 for the season as usual.

We talked about the doggie bag stands – I will research them.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:06 AM.  The next meeting will be held October 10, 2012 at 10:00 AM. 

Christine Comstock
Parks, Facilities and Beautification Committee Chairperson

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