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Park, Facilities, and Beautification
June 1, 2010
7 p.m.

Call to Order at 7:02pm
Present: John Bourisseau, Teressa Repicky, Wendy Gillund, George Skipper
Approve May minutes

Old Business:
      Union Cemetery – June 6 event
        Sign Board
        Police officer aware of parking on Liberty

     Karma King concert on July 2
       Sign Board

     Update on Crabapple trees
       Follow-up on fertilization
       Follow-up on crabapple trees

     Garden Club update
        Perennials are planted
        Annuals are planted
       The rock garden needs to be mulched by service department
       Annuals at rock garden fertilized by garden club

    Bike and Hike path update
       Survey on pedestrian bridge
      July 6 next public meeting
      June 23 stockholder meeting

New Business:

     John Bourisseau update on meadow
        John will meet next week with Dan Seamen at the Park so he can make an evaluation. We need to see what is there and what is needed.
       - A first planting after the first frost.
       -Look at cost options.
       -Possibly make it a community project.

    Solon and Miles Road bridge railing
       Streets and Safety has chosen a new railing that will be installed by the County.

            Mark horse trail
            Rain Barrel
Changing meeting to Monday, July 5 from Tuesday, July 6

Adjourn 7:58

     2010 Goals:

1. Re-establish native plants in the park meadow.
2. Establish a campfire pit in the park. – On hold for Eagle Scout Project
3. Monitor use of equipment to determine better storage..
4. Evaluation of facilities and beautification
5. Bridge railing. – Solon Road will be replaced by the county, Ordinance has been approved by Council. Miles road bridge will stay on our goals.
6. Mark horse trail in park. – Eagle Scout Project
7. Rain barrel

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