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Parks, Facilities and Beautification Minutes


Present were: John Bourisseau, Christine Comstock, George Skipper, Dale Berger, Kathleen Hale, Kathleen Esposito


The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Comstock at 9:46 AM.  


Approval of the Minutes

The September 11, 2013 minutes were approved as submitted. 


Addition to Agenda

Possible projects for area high school students


Old Business
The new carpeting will be installed on Thursday and Friday October 10 and 11th, 2013.


Signs in support of the Metroparks levy have been installed at the Village Park, Union Cemetery and Village Hall.  George recommended and the committee agreed that the sign at the cemetery should be moved.


John and George left the meeting.



Kayak Project Idea

Jeff Filarski kayaked the River along the Park to see what it is like.  It is not an especially good river for kayaking and we will remove that idea from our list of possible Eagle Scout projects at this time. 



New Business


Area high school students have community service hours they need to provide before they graduate.  We talked about the possibility of providing opportunities for them to do projects in Bentleyville such as fall or spring clean-up in the Park.


Holiday Lights
Kathleen Esposito, for the Garden Club, discussed holiday lighting plans and budget.  The Garden Club has begun checking on prices and they are requesting $1000 to do the holiday decorating this year.  We agreed with their recommendation.  Last year the cost was $743 and we had budgeted $500 this year but our estimate was too low.  This year, they will decorate both the Miles Road and the Solon Road bridges with wreaths (on the ends) or evergreen sprays (on the inside posts), red bows and white pine roping.  Kathleen Hale offered to pay fpr holiday lighting on the Solon road bridge “in memory of Dr. Jonathan C.  Hale”.  A sample of the lights had been on display in the Police lunch room.  Troy Young of the Chagrin Falls Jaycees will supply and install the lights.  The Garden Club suggested a holiday spotlight just for the season be focused on Village Hall – there is a photocell switch on the plug.  Kathleen Esposito volunteered the use of her spotlight as an experiment with and if we like it , next year we will buy one.  The Garden Club would like two Menorahs to be placed in the side windows of Village Hall.  Dale suggested putting evergreen sprays on the signs coming into and going out of Bentleyville as they had done in the past.  Everyone agreed that would be beautiful again. The Garden Club will put wreaths on the first and last poles for the Miles Road and the Solon Road bridges and then use evergreen sprays on the other poles.  The Garden Club will make the red bows at their November meeting.  The Garden Club is requesting a “significantly larger “budget for next year so that they can plant more plants and keep the weeds down.  And as we know from years of experience with the Garden Club, they shop carefully and do a beautiful job for us all. 


We talked about lighting the tree outside of Village Hall.  The Committee has liked the idea of doing it but the mechanics and the cost are complicated.  We estimate it could be done for $1000 and the committee will ask for input from Council.


Next Meeting:
November 13, 2013  10:00 AM


Meeting Adjourned:  9:45 AM



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