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Parks, Facilities and Beautification Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 10:15 AM following the Safety and Streets Committee meeting by Christine Comstock.
Present were Christine Comstock, Chair, John Bourisseau, Bentleyville Parks Committee, Tim Pitts, Ed Gray, Resident and Kathleen Esposito, Garden Club and Resident, Lester Hillier

Approve Minutes

The minutes from September 12, 2012, were approved as submitted.  Ed Gray expressed appreciation for having the minutes emailed to him so that he might look them over before the meeting.

Additions to Agenda

Two additions to the agenda: Garden Club report and paperless packets. 

Old Business


The leaves have started following and the leaf machine is ready to go.  The manufacturer fixed the problem we had last year.

The task list continues to be useful. 

Kathleen Esposito and Tami Munson are sharing the position of liaison from the Garden Club to Bentleyville.  Kathleen reported that the Garden Club is planning to use more ground to cover that will require less watering and weeding.

The form we discussed last month to help people express their concerns has been set up.  No one has yet used it.  But it is there.

Web statistics were presented.

New Business

Garden Club.  Kathleen reported that the Garden club is considering a scaled back floor plan.  There are 5 flower beds and they are t considering planting ground cover for some of the beds which may make more sense for Bentleyville.  It will require less watering and less weeding. There will still be beautiful flowers at Daffodil Hill and in front of Village Hall but some of the other beds – across the road – may do better with ground cover.  Kathleen said some of the volunteers feel that the beds across the road are in more traffic than is safe.  Tim offered reflective vests for them to wear and also he will put out orange cones.  Kathleen asked about a sign alerting motorists to watch for work ahead and Tim will look into the sign choices. 

Garden Club fall cleanup will be October 24th or 25th depending on the weather. 

The Garden Club will look at the hill going up to Union Cemetery and make some recommendations about what might look better there.  They are also continuing to think about Memorial trees and which ones might be appropriate. 

The Garden Club is also thinking ahead to Christmas decorations.  They are not going to do the double-sided wreaths on the bridge this year. We all agree that we like the wreaths and the decorations on the bridge.  They are looking into different ways to place roping on the bridge so it will continue to look the best it can.  They will discuss prices at the next Garden Club meeting and let us know.  Christmas decorations are a priority for all of us. Kathleen thought that you spend proximally 500 is last year and, with expenses having gone up, $600 would give them room to do an attractive and reasonable decorating – she will do what she can to be economical but pointed out that costs have increased. As we talked about constraints of money, Ed Gray asked if the Mayor would have the ability to approve such an expenditure on his own. We told him that the Mayor cannot approve expenses without Council’s formal agreement.

Lester commented that he will need additional hours to do a more thorough job of watering and weeding in addition to cleaning.  Lester has met with the Mayor, Tim and Dale to discuss his hours.  He then met with the Garden Club.  We will wait for the Garden club's final recommendations and then discuss hours for all service staff.   

John Bourisseau and I met with Jim Newman, a Hawken history teacher to see if some of his students might be interested in researching (and/or identifying) the history of the people buried at the Union Cemetery.  Following the meeting, John did a presentation for Hawken students about Chagrin Falls and the people from here who fought in the Civil War. The presentation was very well received. There is potential for a student project now or in the future.

We encouraged Chris and Lloyd to get their CDL licenses.  Because Dale has his license and he supervises them, there is no legal requirement that they have their licenses.  It is preferable that they do.  We will investigate costs if they want to take the classes before the test.

We discussed paperless meetings.  We also discussed our Wikipedia entry.  There had been an article in the newspaper about a neighboring communities efforts to rewrite their Wikipedia entry. After the Mayor’s first election, our Bentleyville entry was changed to reflect our then-new Mayor and we didn't know if it had been changed since then.  We will look at the entry and see in what minimal ways, if any, we might want to expand our information available. We looked at the web statistics. 

The meeting was adjourned at 11:06 AM.  The next meeting will be held November 14, 2012 at 10:00 AM. 

Christine Comstock
Parks, Facilities and Beautification Committee Chairperson

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