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Park, Facilities, and Beautification
March 2, 2010
7 p.m.

Old Business:

  Equipment Use procedures
     Revamped procedures and will be retyped for approval at next meeting.

   Village Hall Sign
     Provided research on prices for just refurbishing the sign and having the service department replace posts and             electricity.
     Approved to proceed with ES sign See attached proposal

New Business:

    Events –Check on following dates for confirmation at next meeting and ready for next newsletter.

   Sunday, noon June 6 opening of Union Cemetery.
   Ron Bishop Tremendous Tuba Do
   Earl Rogoff $250 Month of July 2 Friday 7-8:30
   Ghost stories $150 in October Saturday 9th.
   Historical Tour – Lolly Trolly – August 21- 22?

   April 6 next meeting will approve events to put in newsletter – Use a card to put in newsletter to advertise the events.

   Notify Garden Club for Newsletter item.
  Update from last meeting (Garden Club)
  -The Garden Club will have list of plants and costs in April when the snow melts. The Garden Club is paying for the   service of Katherine Hanratty and suggestion of an arborist.
  -The cost of plants should run between $600 - $800 for additional design.
  -Also, check Davey’s Tree for and Metroparks for arborists. Looking for the arborist to train the service department for proper maintenance of crabapple trees.
  -Cost will fall under the $1,500. $500 for Davey’s tree lawn service and $1,000 for the garden club reaccuring annauls.
  -Set up schedule with service department and/or hiring of person to water and weed around Village Hall. (Check with Mayor/Bernice)
  -May 5 first work day for Garden Club.
  -Davey’s tree quote for trimming tree in court yard and looking at weeping Japanese Maple.

  Bike and Hike path – Looking into the transportion grant provided to Chagrin for a path. We are looking into more involvement.

  Bridge railing – Solon Road will be replaced by the county, Ordinance has been approved by Council

  John will notify the Dan Semane about park meadow

  2010 Goals:

  1. Re-establish native plants in the park meadow.
  2. Establish a campfire pit in the park. – On hold for Eagle Scout Project
  3. Monitor use of equipment to determine better storage.
  4. Schedule events.
  5. Evaluation of facilities and beautification
  6. Bridge railing. – Solon Road will be replaced by the County, Ordinance has been approved by Council. Miles road  bridge will stay on our goals.
  7. Mark horse trail in park.

Adjourn 8:37pm

Next meeting will be held April 6, 2010

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