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Bentleyville Finance Committee

July 17th, 2013

Meeting Minutes


Attendees:  George Skipper, Finance Committee

Bernice Schreiber, Fiscal Officer

Christine Comstock, Council; John Bourisseau, Council; Kathleen Hale, Council.

Meeting called to order at 6:08 P.M.

Accounts Payable

The accounts payable listing was reviewed and recommended for payment.  The Finance Committee understands that it is no longer necessary to review payables unless there is an item over $10,000, but decided to continue this procedure and submit an Ordinance each month.

We discussed that Finance supports spending $1,000 to $2,000 to fund a new office being set up for the Service Director so that it is most convenient.  The S&S Committee will review options and determine how/if to spend any additional funds on such things as adding internet down at the Service garage.

Review of Financial Statement

Income is now approximately $14,000 below budget.  This variance to budget is due to RITA tax income being lower than expected. 

July's income is looking to be about $6,000 below budget, but because of a BWC rebate of approximately $6,000, we expect the net for July to be right about on budget.

The financials had a technical error that kept them from footing.  The Fiscal Officer was asked to recalculate the financials and submit them to the Finance Chair for review.  (Note: this was completed after the meeting.)

Expenses are still on track.

We discussed that it might be time in 2015 to ask for a road levy increase since the current road levy is based on tax rates from 1980.  No action was taken on this item.

Old Business

Finance discussed the Mayor's Spending Limit Ordinance and the Committee recommends revising the $15,000 limit to $10,000 and the aggregate $45,000 limit to $30,000.  These changes will be made by friendly amendment at this evening's meeting.

Finance discussed that the Spending Limit Ordinance will be in conflict with the Motion on Council Procedures passed at our June 2013 meeting unless we pass the Mayor's Spending Limit Ordinance by emergency tonight and make a friendly amendment to the limits.  It was decided that this is how we would proceed.

New Business

Finance approved moving forward with a Pay Pal account for the Village as long as the Village auditor is OK with the account being setup.  The Finance Director was asked to discuss this item with the Auditor and then proceed.

Finance will draft legislation to strike "(or one times the annual base pay, whichever is greater)" from Ordinance 250.13.  This cleanup is needed and Finance thanks the Finance Director for bringing it to our attention.

General Discussion

We have a resident with an issue paying RITA tax because he is claiming domicile in France.  The Finance Director believes this item will be resolved and that we can expect RITA income to increase when it is resolved.  This item was just for information.

Chagrin Valley Trains has an issue with school bus lighting.  This item is being reviewed by S&S but Finance was advised that it could mean a cost of approximately $20,000 for the Village if we were to pay for the lighting.  This item was just for information.

Meeting adjourned at 6:50 P.M.





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