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Bentleyville Finance Committee

May 21, 2014

Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Kathleen Hale, Finance Committee;

Bernice Schreiber, Fiscal Officer

Christine Comstock, Council; Kathleen Esposito, Council; Ken Kvacek, Council

Meeting called to order at 6:05 P.M.

Approval of Minutes of meeting Finance Committee of April 15, 2014: Unanimously approved

Accounts Payable: Reviewed and unanimously recommended for payment

Review of Financial Statements:

We are $70,000 better than budget thru April because of higher revenue than budgeted and lower expenses than budgeted; however, we note that our May 2014 RITA revenue was $80,000 lower than expected.  We believe this may be due to the issues RITA had this year with their website crashing.  The Finance Director contacted RITA but RITA could not confirm yet if this affected Bentleyville's total RITA revenue.  We are hoping that Bentleyville's RITA revenue in May was lower than expected due to timing and not due to actual lower RITA revenue for May. 

Old Business:

Hazmat - Finance unanimously recommends that we do not spend the money to be a part of the Hazmat cooperative.  While we want to be team players and good community partners, we feel that it isn't fiscally responsible to spend $3000 to $4000 on membership when each community pays the same amount but benefits unequally.  Bentleyville would receive relatively little benefit for its membership dues versus the larger communities that also have a higher amount of real estate and thus risk of a hazmat incident.  If the hazmat cooperative decides to charge fees that are proportionate to the number of residents affected or square miles affected, we would recommend participation by our Village.

New Business:

 Seasonal Labor - Finance unanimously recommends approval of a new Ordinance to lower the pay rate for seasonal labor to help in the service department.  We are currently in need of laborers because 50% of our service department labor (1 person) recently left our employ.

Policy Manual - We should consider developing a new group of council that will get our policies and procedures in order.

Police cars - We discussed the expense of two new police cars at the same time.  No decision or recommendation was reached.

Meeting adjourned at 6:56 P.M.

Minutes submitted by Jonathan Slain, Finance Committee Chair






















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