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January 21, 2015



 CALL TO ORDER:  00:00:12


Mayor Spremulli called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.





Mayor Spremulli led Council in the Pledge of Allegiance.



ROLL CALL: 00:01:18


Bourisseau, Comstock, Esposito, Hale, Kvacek, and Slain were present. 





Motion to accept the December 17, 2014 minutes and audio recording by Bourisseau; Second by Esposito


Roll call:  Bourisseau, Yes; Comstock, Yes; Esposito, Yes; Hale, Yes; Kvacek, Yes; Slain, Abstain




Council member Comstock nominated John Bourisseau to serve as council president; Second by Esposito.

Election of John Bourisseau as council president:

Roll call: Bourisseau, Abstain; Comstock, Yes; Esposito, Yes; Hale, Yes; Kvacek, Yes; Slain, Yes


The committee assignments have not changed in 2015.  They remain: 

·         Streets and Safety: Chairman John Bourisseau, Committee Member Ken Kvacek

·         Utilities: Chairman Kathleen Hale; Committee Member Kathleen Esposito

·         Finance: Chairman Jonathan Slain; Committee Member Kathleen Hale

·         Parks: Chairwoman Christine Comstock; Committee Members Kathleen Esposito and Ken Kvacek. 

MAYOR’S REPORT: 00:03:20


The Metro Parks sent a letter to Bentleyville residents stating that the Parks will be culling deer in the next several months.


North Ohio Public Energy Commission [“NOPEC”] reported that since Bentleyville joined NOPEC in 2002, energy savings have exceeded $150,000.  Additionally, NOPEC gave the Village a $50,000 energy grant in 2012.





The Mayor directed Council to the Fiscal Officer’s report in the Council Packet.





No report




No additional report


Two new homes are being proposed for the Village.


One house would be built on Solon Road.  The property has an existing home on it, and the homeowner would like to keep both structures. The existence of two homes on one property would require that Council grant a variance.  Regardless of the outcome of the variance request to keep both houses on one lot, the new house plans will move forward.   Two houses will remain if the variance is approved, but only the new house will remain if the variance is denied.


The other house is on a proposed lot split that is on Liberty Road. The homeowner is requesting a property frontage variance.  Bentleyville’s ordinance requires 200 feet of street frontage, but this proposed flagpole lot will have only 70 feet frontage.  This lot split is on tomorrow’s Planning and Zoning Agenda.



Council Member Kvacek commented that, while he was previously on council, this homeowner approached the Commission twice regarding this property. He urged the Engineer to review the historical records here.  Mr. Kvacek stated that one lot split has already been granted on this parcel, and this new request would divide this property into three lots.  After this second lot split, there would be enough property left for another lot split, making four total lots.  Four lots might constitute a subdivision in Bentleyville, and the Village has specific requirements for subdivisions.


Engineer Filarski will request that the homeowner state his ultimate goal regarding this property during the variance process.


Mayor Spremulli said that Bentleyville zoning ordinances have been updated, and rules for what constitutes a subdivision might have changed.





Mr. Filarski’s report is on file.


The Cuyahoga County Department of Public Works will reimburse the Village for materials used to repair County roads in Bentleyville.  The County will reimburse up to $3,800 for Miles Road and up to $4,800 for Holbrook Road.



CHIEF’S REPORT:  00:10:55


The Chief has a statistical report of 2014 Bentleyville police activity.


Chief Barone reported that he is working on filling the full-time position in the police department.  He is also in the process of promoting a sergeant from within the department.  He hopes to have both candidates for Council’s approval at the February meeting.


The Chief also wants to find a few part-timers who can work the midnight shift.  Other than coverage for this shift, the part-time staffing levels are adequate.


Recently, a police cruiser slipped on the ice and hit a mailbox.  The Village repaired the mailbox.  There was minimal damage to the cruiser.  Solon Auto Body repaired the damage to the police car.


Council Member Kvacek asked for an update on Bentleyville deer hunting for the 2014/2015 season.  Per the Chief, between nine and fifteen hunters have signed up.  He stated that this season seems to be progressing without incident.





Service Director Berger reported that the salt supply is good this year.


Service Director Berger said that the service department has been picking up Christmas trees, plowing snow, and maintaining the police and service equipment.  


The oldest truck is out of service while the service crew repairs the brakes.


Council Member Bourisseau said that the Streets and Safety Committee will request an updated equipment replacement schedule from Service Director Berger.





Committee report is on file.


Council Member Kvacek asked about the status of the fire hydrant repairs.  Service Director Berger reported that all but four of the fire hydrants that are serviced by the City of Cleveland have been repaired.  None of these four hydrants is adjacent to another non-draining hydrant.  Service Director Berger will follow up with the City regarding the repair status for these last four hydrants.





The Fiscal Officer prepared the December Committee minutes due to Council Member Hale’s injury.  Proper order was re-established in January.


The Village ended 2014 with $876,000 in the General Fund, compared to a balance of $857,000 in the General Fund at the 2013 year-end.





No meeting


The Commission will meet tomorrow.




Overlook Drive Resident Norad donated a bell to the Village.  This bell has been on her property at least since the previous owners built the house about 60 years ago.  Council Member Kvacek found this bell at Ms. Norad’s moving sale, and he arranged for the donation. Due to the bell’s location and age, Mr. Kvacek believes that the bell remains from the schoolhouse that once stood on the current Village Hall property.


To commemorate this piece of Bentleyville history, the bell will be displayed along with a plaque describing its significance.  Council Members Kvacek and Bourisseau are preparing the bell for presentation. The permanent location for the bell is yet to be determined.


The Fiscal Officer will prepare a thank you letter to Ms. Norad for the Mayor’s signature.


Council Member Esposito reported that the Bentleyville Garden Club has raised enough money for a Blue Star Memorial.  The Garden Club requests permission to install this memorial at Village Hall. 


Motion by Bourisseau to authorize the Garden Club to take the steps to install a Blue Star Memorial at Village Hall;  Second by Hale


Roll call:  Bourisseau, Yes; Comstock, Yes; Esposito, Yes; Hale, Yes; Kvacek, Yes; Slain, Yes


The presentation and location of the memorial are to be determined.  The Garden Club hopes to have the memorial ready by Memorial Day, 2015.


Members of Boy Scout Troop 241 are working on their Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge.  As one of the requirements to earn this badge, the entire troop of 20-25 young men will attend the March 18 Bentleyville Council meeting.


An additional requirement for the badge is volunteering for eight hours of community service.  Council Member Kvacek asked the Mayor to consider where the Village could best use these scouts’ service.





No meeting


Council Members Hale and Esposito, along with former Council Member Skipper, attended a meeting convened by the Village of Gates Mills to address fracking in the Chagrin Valley.  The Committee is considering fracking only, not traditional oil or gas wells.


Currently Gates Mills has 47 oil and gas wells.  There is no fracking in Gates Mills.  A ballot issue in Gates Mills regarding this issue was soundly defeated. 


Some residents of Gates Mills are considering drafting conservation easements that will tie up any mineral rights to their property.  This legal move is designed to make the property less attractive to drillers.


Both Bentleyville Council Members were appointed to the political outreach subcommittee.  Mr. Skipper was appointed to the safety subcommittee.


The geological structure of the Chagrin Valley is not conducive to fracking; the likelihood of fracking in Bentleyville is low.   Therefore, Council Members Hale and Esposito will not take an active role in the fracking committee or in the associated subcommittee.  They will participate in the committee as observers.



No meeting


PUBLIC COMMENTS (May be limited to no more than 5 minutes)

No members of the public were present.


NEW BUSINESS: 00: 31:15

 2015-1            An Ordinance for the payment of bills in the month of January in the amount of $88,730.30 and declaring an emergency.

                        Motion by Slain to suspend the three reading rule; Second by Hale

Roll call: Bourisseau, Yes; Comstock, Yes; Esposito, Yes; Hale, Yes; Kvacek, Yes; Slain, Yes

Motion by Slain to adopt; Second by Hale

Roll call: Bourisseau, Yes; Comstock, Yes; Esposito, Yes; Hale, Yes; Kvacek, Yes; Slain, Yes



The Mayor is looking forward to 2015, especially for events like the clambake, the placement of

both the bell and the Blue Star Memorial, and the painting of the exterior of Village Hall.


ADJOURNMENT:  7:32 P.M.   00:33:00

Motion by Bourisseau to adjourn.  Passed by unanimous voice vote.

Respectfully submitted,


______________                               ________________

John Bourisseau                                  Bernice Schreiber

President of Council                              Fiscal Officer


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