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Utilities Committee Minutes

September 9th, 2008

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M.

Present: John Bourisseau, George Skipper



1. Continued review of the proposed Cleveland Water Service Agreement.

We did a review of the five water distribution systems within the village. They are:

1. The Quartermane and Berkshire Estates water mains, supplied through the city of Solon.

2. The transmission main, owned by Geauga County, that services Holbrook Rd. and Chagrin River Rd. residents (from Solon Rd. to Holbrook Rd.).

3. The Chagrin Falls mains that service Winding River, River Run, residents along Miles Rd. who have tapped in, Madison Woods (at a future date), Chagrin Valley Trails, and Solon Rd. residents (from Chagrin River Rd. east to the Chagrin corporate boundary).

4. The main to service Pine River Rd. residents.

5. The '94 mains installed to service residents of Cannon Rd., Parkwood Circle, Solon Rd., most of Liberty Rd., Chagrin River Rd. (from Miles Rd. to Solon Rd., then from Holbrook south to the corporate boundary), and Overlook Rd.

If Bentleyville approves the Asset Transfer Agreement, which of the above distribution mains systems could be transferred to Cleveland?


Solon supplies and services the Quartermane distribution mains by court order. I suspect Berkshire Estates has a contract with Solon for their water service, but I haven't located it yet. It would seem that neither of those could be transferred.

Geauga County owns the Holbrook main.

Mr. Himes, the Chagrin Chief Administrator, has stated Chagrin, by contract, will continue to service those distribution mains through which Chagrin supplies water to Bentleyville residents.

I haven't found any encumbrance on the Pine River main (services nine residents) and it is owned by Bentleyville. It is an asset that could be transferred.

The '94 water mains are encumbered until 2021, so they cannot be transferred to Cleveland at this time.

If the Pine River main is the only asset that could be transferred at this time, what would be the point of approving the proposed Water Service Agreement Amendment?

2. Review of regulations for installation of stand-by/backup power generation.

At the request of the Law Director, the Utilities Committee reviewed the Moreland Hills regulation for backup power generators. While the need to address safety issues, impact of an installation on neighboring properties, and esthetics is self-evident, the proposed regulation seems more appropriate for addressing those concerns when new houses are being constructed. That conclusion was made based on the following regulation requirements:


The application must include two copies of a site plan prepared by a licensed registered surveyor, showing the exact location of the generator, including measurements to property lines and structures.

Also required would be two copies of the floor plan of the residence, showing information related to the natural gas supply and the electrical requirements/connections.

Should existing houses, where owners are trying to provide a more consistent access to electrical power, be burdened with the additional cost of hiring a surveyor and an architect (when no floor plan exists), to install a generator? We have no solution for providing that information by more informal means, but simply feel there should be sensitivity to the cost of the regulation requirements.

3. At the request on one resident, we held a brief discussion on an additional cable service provider. The current contract with Time-Warner is non-exclusive and expires in 2015. Is there an interest by Council in pursuing this topic?

The minutes of the July 8th, 2008 meeting were approved and the meeting adjourned at 8:12 P.M.

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