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Meeting of the Planning & Zoning Commission
February 27, 2008

Meeting called to order at 7:05p.m.

Present:  Robert Darden, Douglas Miller, Gregg Potts, George Skipper, Leonard Spremulli


William Seeger – 45 High Point Lane – Gazebo modification
This agenda item was cancelled.  The proposed changes to an existing gazebo did not receive Chagrin Valley Trails Homeowners Association approval.

Bobby Lekic – 5305 Liberty Road – Lot Split
The initial proposed plat was not in compliance with codified Ordinance 1266.03(d); That is, the proposed northerly lot line was too close to an existing accessory building.  A modification to that lot line was made and subsequently reviewed by the commission.  The Commission unanimously recommended Council approval of the proposed split, subject to the Village Engineer’s final approval of the plat.

Comments from the floor:
Councilwoman Wendy Gillund suggested three topics she would like the Commission to review:
-The current riparian setback distances.
-The procedure for review and approval of variances.
-The duration of approved variances.

Mayor Spremulli stated these issues would be addressed during review of the Planning & Zoning Code.

Approval of January’s P & Z minutes:  Due to an oversight by Councilman Skipper, the minutes were not approved.

The meeting adjourned at 7:35p.m.

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