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Parks, Facilities, and Beautification Committee

April 7, 2008


7:00 p.m.


Please refer to the recorded minutes for details

Meeting called to order at 7:03 p.m.

Present: Joe Hudson, Ed Gray, Linda Siegel, Wendy Gillund, Jeff Filarski, Chief Pitts, Joe Sciangula, George Skipper, Jill Zupon, and Shelly Corey 


     June 20th at 7 p.m. will be the pavilion dedication naming Wayne Mislosky.  A band will be present and will play big band music.  The Mayor will be asked to make the presentation and Debbie Axelrodd will be asked to attend.  The community is invited to bring a lawn picnic and/or lawn chairs to enjoy the festivities.  Fliers and sandwich signs will be made to advertise the event.

            The Chamber Orchestra has been contacted to perform at the pavilion.  The date is to be announced.

            We will be looking for picnic representatives from each of the regions in the community.  The Firetruck Rock DJ has been reserved as well as the Balloon man.

Pavilion reservations:

            We discussed criteria for a deposit and permit as well as the details of keeping a calendar.  A policy will be written for the police and service department.  We will need their assistance for a pavilion reservation.  We will ask the law director to create an appropriate document.

Village gardens:

            The Garden Club represented by Jill Zupon and Shelly Corey addressed the committee with their ideas for creating year round beds with the three garden areas around Village Hall.  The committee voted and passed to allow them charge of the project.  They will be seeking sponsors, volunteers, and perennials.  The contact person will be Jill Zupon at 440-247-8585.  We thank them for their service and dedication.

            Linda Siegel will present criteria for work and hours needed to maintain the beds at the next meeting.

            The committee will observe the crab trees along Solon Road to ensure all are healthy.  Also, research will be done on the maintenance with the tape.


            Ed Gray suggested the website shows two months for the calendar.

New Business 

Park Trails:

            Jeff Filarski presented a plane to create an unobtrusive path to three focal points that overlook the river.  It was recommended the path not go around the perimeter but kept to a minimal direct route to and from the east side and use the current west side path for the third focal point.  There will be natural tree benches in place and the riparian setback ordinance will be followed.  The committee voted and passed the recommendation.  Also Mr. Filarski recommended using tree revetment.  Current fallen trees can be used to secure to the bank which will build with sediment and stabilize the bank.  Joe Sciangula will work on a cost analysis for the project.  Finally, the idea of wetland dedication was shared.

            The Chief suggested a storage shed for the park.

            Chief Pitts will ask the Metroparks about a park sign.


            Teresa Bidar will join the parks committee.  We extend our welcome.

            The Chief reports the service department is personally contacting each resident that have trees to be trimmed and it is going smoothly.

Meeting adjourned at 8:52 p.m.

Next meeting will be held Monday, May 5, 2008.

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