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Park, Facilities, and Beautification Committee



February 4, 2008

7:00 p.m.

Minutes are in Bold


Present Ed Gray, Joe Hudson, Linda Siegel, Chief Pitts, Joe Sciangula, Mayor Spremulli, and Wendy Gillund


     1.  Trees

            Presentation by Chief Pitts and Joe Sciangula

                        Pictures of trees on Cannon Road that need trimming

                        Chief and Joe  present:

                          Chief and Joe say this is a safety issue and should be done.  The work should be done soon during a slow time for the tree company.  Two tree service estimates for Cannon Road:

Roy Williams estimate is $800 and Craig and Bruce was $950. 

Questions asked:

Are the trees on resident’s property?  How far back is the right of way? – 30 feet from center line.  What is considered hazardous? Should we trim live branches?  Chief will contact Liz, park manager, to trim tree on park side of Cannon Road.

            Home owner notification – checked by law director

            Policy vs. Ordinance – An ordinance should be drawn by law director, or add to policy on leaf/branch pick up .  Group has determined to proceed with a policy

            Shared sample ordinances from other communities.


                        Streets and right of way

                        Trimming only apparent over hanging street

                        Ok to trim with approval.

                        In right of way vs on property

                        Removal of dead tree and stump - not unless homeowner agrees.



            A draft will be submitted at the next Council meeting.


                        $675 by Craig and Bruce to cut down tree in Bentleyville Park.  This tree is dead.  The removal will include grinding out stump and full removal.  Other estimate from Roy Williams was $900.  This will go to Council for recommendation.


All members are in favor of proceeding





  1. Garden Club

I spoke with Theresa Repicky and she was in favor of including a member from the Garden Club, to be appointed by the Mayor, as a member of the Parks, Facility, and Beautification Committee.


We welcome Linda Siegel.  She was appointed to Parks committee by the Mayor

  1. Website/email

Can we use advertisers to offset costs?

Approve Chagrin River Partners as a recommendation to Council for approval of hiring.  The criteria used were type and amount of service with cost.

  1. Suggestions/ Comments


Replace floor and carpet in Police Department.  Recommend to Council estimate from “Life Style Floors” at $6,706.00.


Other suggestions made by the Mayor are:

Create a closet in the Village hallway. 

Service department paint front of Village Hall.


Back burner items:


-  Events

            Easter Egg Hunt – Carm has been in charge and may want to continue.

            Plaque for Wayne – Linda requested a Pavilion ceremony.  Possibly combine with concert in park when the weather turns nice.

-  Spring and Village Hall grounds


-  Park Rules / Use of pavilion


-  Historical Society


-  Park restroom facilities


-  Park sign

Meeting ended at 8:51pm


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