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Park, Facilities, and Beautification
June 1, 2009
7:00 p.m.

Call to order 7:05

Present: Linda Mislosky, Terresa Bidar, Wendy Gillund, Mayor Spremulli, John Bourisseau, George Skipper, Chief Pitts, Dale Berger, Cathie Winans.

Eagle Scout Project:

   -Mitchell Black emailed Mayor his Eagle Scout project
See attached
Chief – level stairs to cemetery, clean debris.
   -Eagel Scout Black email proposal and or present proposal

Village Picnic:

   -Picnic route to take on Trolley was discussed.
   -Cathie Winans presentation of Union Cemetery
   -Possible brochure of tour
   -Table of History in pavilion for picnic – John Bourisseau
   -Music 14 song cowboy band – John Bourisseau
   -George Skipper, Teressa, and Linda Welcome table
   -Joe Hudson , Mayor, and Joe Maurer will cook. Ask Ned Sedlak. Also, Health department was contacted and we are approved to serve food since we are not charging the residents.
   -Find another location for the restroom, preferably in the shade.

Website proposal tabled for August

Chief Pitts proposal for use of chairs, tables, grill, and tent
   -Mayor supports resident use. This should    include deposit and check list. Suggested deposit amounts are to raise the reservation to $250 and if tent is used an additional $500. Payment to service department will be billed through Bernice our finance manager.
   -Another draft for next meeting to approve

Dale checked on tree stump and it is taken care of. Village Hall tree is tabled in order to do more research.

Ron Bishop, Tremendous Tuba Do, sign and event

Harry Madorsky will perform Saturday, August 22nd from 7-9. Amount charged is $200 and was approved.

Village Hall sign will be discussed at the August meeting.


Chief has a resident to donate money for repair of cemetery stairs.

Dead Cherry Blossom tree along Solon Road should be removed.

John Bourisseau donated deposit to park fund. Thank you John

Chief will ask for estimates to cut tree in park river

Approve May minutes tabled

Next meeting July 6

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