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Parks, Facilities, and Beautification Committee



March 3, 2008

Meeting called to order at 7:06pm


Joe Hudson, Linda Siegel, Ed Gray, Wendy Gillund, Chief Pitts, Joe Sciangula

-Reviewed minutes for January 24, 2008 and February 4, 2008.  Committee approved – all voted to pass.

-Ed Gray recommended future minutes be a written summary along with a recording.  Committee approved – all voted to pass.

-Reviewed Key responsibilities for committee:

            -Provide oversight for the maintenance and development of needed parks and grounds in the Village.

            -Provide oversight for the maintenance and development of the Village Hall and other physical structures in the Village.

            -Provide oversight and coordination for the visual beauty of the Village.

            -Provide oversight and a link to community involvement via website and events.

-Reviewed website contract and website. 

Discussion about additions to the website included:

            Links – Board of election, Health Department, RITA tax information,

 Chagrin Watershed Partners, Chagrin Falls Schools.

Joe Hudson suggested – photo gallery and separate button for the Bentleyville Park which would include rules, reservation of pavilion and calendar. Also, include all activity of Village Hall on calendar.

            Discussion about the contract included:

                        Overall acceptance with some question about clarity of monthly $50

-Tree Trimming discussion:

            Chief Pitts and Joe Sciangula shared the review with Ned Sedlak.  They determined to do all of Cannon not including the pine trees.  The rest of the Village should cost an additional $800 to $1000.  An estimate is being acquired.  There seem to be concern with asking for numerous estimates and it was questioned, “Why are estimates being established before we determine how to approach the situation?”

            The discussion revisited the idea of dead limbs vs limbs that hang over the street.  The Chief defined hazardous as falling.  Also, the idea of responsibility of right of way, the cost of dead trees, and whether we have the right to cut because it is viewed ugly by some.  The committee determined to make a recommendation to Streets and Safety:

            The Parks, Facilities, and Beautification committee recommends the tree trimming within the Village of Bentleyville should be minimal in order to maximize the inherit beauty of the Village but to maintain safety.


            June 20, 2008 – Friday, 7pm at Bentleyville Park.

            A dedication to Pavilion with plaque.  A DJ will provide Music and residents will be invited to bring a picnic on the lawn.  Linda will contact Debbie Axelrod to see if she would like to be a part of the dedication.

            Sunday, August 24, 2008 from 1pm to 5pm was designated for the Village Picnic

            Music in the park late July.  Possible contact could be the Chamber Orchestra.

            Possible campfire storytelling for October.


            Provided Village ordinance that outlines Park rules.  To be submitted for Website

            Discussed reservation for pavilion:

                        Ask Law Director if we can ask for a security deposit

                        Committee questioned whether it was in our best interest to acquire the complication of reservations.

                        Committee decided to revisit at next meeting.


            Shared letter sent by Mayor in regard to Historical Society

Next meeting is Monday, April 7, 2008 at 7pm

Meeting adjourned at 8:38pm

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