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Finance Committee

May 19th, 2008

Meeting Minutes


Attendees: Joe Maurer, Chair, Joe Hudson,Committee, Bernice Schreiber,Finance Mgr., George Skipper, Council, Dan Tomalin, Clerk/Treasurer

Meeting Called to Order at 7:00PM

Review of Accounts Payable.

Discussion of various items on the list with satisfactory answers to all questions. Payables Approved.

Review of March Financial Statements.

Discusssion of various items including controlling of Police and Service Dept. hours.

Chief contends that service department workload is greater than the hours allotted. Streets and Safety and Finance will monitor as we move forward

Discussion of alternate ways to handle recent Gessic Settlement. The goal is to have comparable figures to analyze going forward. Research will be done for next meeting.

Discussion of Service Department taxes and fringe benefits. Bernice to analyze for the next meeting

Conclusion of Financial Statement review is that overall we are showing positive comparisons of actual to budget. This is primarily due to RITA revenues being over $140,000 in excess of the YTD budget. Because of the nature of the revenues and the manner in which the revenues are received we can not conclude that this trend will be maintained for the entire year.

Other Discussion Items

Discussion of Water Line Assessments that George Skipper has been working on.

Joe Maurer gives update on development of a new banking relationship with a smaller local bank. Goal is to have research wrapped up next month.

Discussion of Procedures for Telephone Usage and Prohibited Political Activities distributed at the last meeting. They have been re-submitted to the law director for his review.

Additional procedures were distributed for Duty Phone and Credit Card usage.

Bernice gives an update on training seminar she will be attending.

Discussion of RITA procedures for collection letters and options for dealing with non- filers.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM

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