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Finance Committee

June 16th, 2008

Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Joe Maurer, Chair, Joe Hudson,Committee, Bernice Schreiber,Finance Mgr., George Skipper, Council, John Bourisseau, Council, Wendy Gillund, Council

Dan Tomalin, Clerk/Treasurer, Chief Pitts, Joe Sciangula

Meeting Called to Order at 7:00PM

Review of Accounts Payable.

Discussion of various items on the list with satisfactory answers to all questions. Payables Approved.

Review of May Financial Statements.

Discussed various items and received satisfactory answers..

Discussion of new category to report the Gessic Settlement that will not skew year to year comparisons. Ordinance #2008-28 will be adopted to facilitate this.

Discussion of taxes and fringe benefits. Bernice presented an analysis and explained.

Conclusion of Financial Statement review is that overall we are showing positive comparisons of actual to budget. This is primarily due to RITA revenues being in excess of the YTD budget. Based on results thus far we are increasing the revenue budget by $120,000. Because of the nature of the revenues and the manner in which the revenues are received we can not conclude that this trend will be maintained for the entire year.

Other Discussion Items

Will Robinson of PC Alternatives presented a proposal for backup and recovery of Police and Administrative data. The process will include uploading critical data to a remote web site. Total cost will be approximately $2,000. Finance committee recommends immediate implementation.

Joe Maurer gives update on development of a new banking relationship with a smaller local bank. Goal is to have research and selection wrapped up next month.

Finance committee recommends the follow up option that will include subpoena of records for residents not complying with RITA tax filing requirements.

Bernice reported that the Law Director has passed on the procedures circulated and discussed at the last two meetings. (Prohibited Political Activities, Duty Phone, Credit Card Usage) Finance Committee recommends adoption of all of these procedures.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30PM

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